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Uber's first U.S. Electric Vehicle Initiative

Celebrating Portland's commitment to clean energy

Uber Portland-based electric vehicle initiative is a historic partnership between Uber, Forth, Black Parent Initiative, Cynergy E-Bikes, and the electric vehicle industry. The program will add hundreds of electric vehicles to Oregon’s transportation mix through the Uber driver partner network. The initiative also offers a unique and unprecedented opportunity in Oregon to jumpstart the EV industry, add support for Uber driver-partners who go electric, help expand electric vehicle access to historically underserved communities and educate riders and drivers on the benefits of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Initiative

Program goals

  • Help the City of Portland and Metro meet their climate change and electric vehicle goals
  • Improve Oregon’s economy by increasing earnings of TNC drivers through lower fuel and vehicle acquisition costs
  • Create new opportunities for historically underserved communities to earn money with Uber by helping Oregonians lease or purchase an electric vehicle
  • Jump start the EV industry by exposing and educating hundreds of thousands of active riders each year to electric vehicles and the positive economic and environmental benefits they provide

Electric Vehicle Initiative

Why Portland?

We're launching this initiative in Portland because the city and the State of Oregon are national leaders in the transition to clean energy, fuels and vehicles. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Brown, Speaker Kotek, and clean energy advocates in the state legislature, last year Oregon passed one of the strongest clean energy laws in the nation. It empowers Oregon utilities to increase and improve the infrastructure needed to grow the EV industry. The City of Portland has also adopted some of the nation’s most aggressive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This new initiative will help Portland and the state of Oregon achieve these important clean energy goals.

Electric Vehicle Initiative

Ambassador Program

Uber’s Portland electric vehicle program is not only good for the environment, it’s good for drivers as well. Uber’s EV Ambassadors program provides drivers who choose to go electric with an opportunity to earn more while they drive by educating riders about the benefits of electrical vehicles. Drivers who volunteer to be an Electric Vehicle Ambassador are trained by Forth on how to effectively communicate to riders about their vehicles and how they positively impact the environment and driver earnings.

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