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Learn how to deliver with Uber

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A simple guide to get you started

Watch this short video to learn more about how to complete a delivery trip with Uber.

Doing a Delivery

Try out our trip Simulator

Hesitant about taking your first delivery trip? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Try out our interactive delivery trip simulator and we'll walk you through all the steps of completing a delivery without having to go online.


Step 1

Receive a delivery request

  • When you receive a delivery trip request, the screen will say “UBEREATS” at the top.
  • When you accept the delivery trip request, you will be directed towards the restaurant to pick up the food.
  • Click on the navigate button to be taken directly to the restaurant.
  • When you arrive at the restaurant you will see the pick up instructions that guide you to the best place to wait.

Step 2

Pick up the item

  • Once you get to the restaurant, stretch your legs and head inside.

  • Inside the business, let a staff member know you’ve arrived to pick up an order. Bring in your phone and show them the order numbers, and the customer names. Be sure to have all orders before starting the trip–you’ll often have more than one!

  • When the restaurant is handing over the food, tap “VERIFY ITEMS” and you will see the following screen.

  • Once you have confirmed the order, click “YES” to confirm all items are accounted for.

Step 3

Drop off the item with the customer

  • Tap START TRIP, and you will be directed to the drop off location where the customer will be waiting.

  • When you arrive, swipe up in the app for specific instructions or requests from the customer like “park in front of the building” or “leave delivery with the doorman."

  • Only end a delivery trip once you have handed the order to the customer.

  • If you have waited more than 5 minutes for the customer and are unable to get in touch, you are welcome to leave the food and end the trip

For driver partners...

Decide when you deliver

Just like you can decide when you drive, you can also decide when you deliver.

To turn deliveries on and off go to Account > Vehicle Options, and toggle deliveries ON or OFF.

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