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Hourly guarantees

Another way to earn

Hourly guarantees give you confidence in your earnings. When you meet the requirements, you will be guaranteed a level of gross fares.

Drive with confidence

How hourly guarantees work

An hourly guarantee is a set level of gross fares (before Uber's Service Fee) you are guaranteed to earn. Often, there will be requirements—such as acceptance rate and trips per hour—that you must meet in order to qualify for the guarantee.

If you meet the requirements but earn less than the guaranteed amount, Uber will "top-up" your earnings for that time period. If you earn more than the guaranteed amount, your net earnings are all yours!

More details

Make the most of your guarantees

Gross fares

Hourly guarantees are presented as gross fares, after the Booking Fee but before Uber's Service Fee. Qualify for a top-up? That amount will also be subject to the Service Fee.

Promotions Hub

Want to know what the guarantees will be in the coming days? Check the Promotions section of your app to see what's coming soon. You can see the date, time, and amount of each guarantee before it happens.

Partial hours

Hourly guarantees are pro-rated, so don't worry about being glued to the clock! For example—if an hourly guarantee is $20, and you drive half an hour, you will be guaranteed $10.

Topped-up fares

How payment works

Earning less than guarantee

Good news! You will always be paid at least the guarantee amount less Uber's Service Fee. You'll see the top-up added to your pay statement at the end of the week.

Earning more than the guarantee

Good work! Since the guarantee acts as a minimum, you'll get to keep the fares you earned less Uber's Service Fee. Just make sure you meet all of the requirements, like trips per hour or acceptance rate.

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