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Local colleges


Colleges and universities are a hotspot for trip requests while school is in session. See the top campuses to drive near in the Pittsburgh area and pro tips for prime times to drive.

When to drive

You can expect trip requests starting when students return back to school through when students depart for the summer. During the semester the busiest times are:

  • Thursday nights: 8pm - 2am
  • Friday nights: 9pm - 4am
  • Saturday nights: 9pm - 4am
  • After sporting events, if the school has a big fan following

See the map below for dates of when students return to campus at local colleges where we expect trip requests

Local college campuses

Where to drive in Pittsburgh

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Driving near colleges 101

Pro tips

Be on the move

When students first return to campus, many of them might have large bags, boxes, or supplies for the semester. Try to keep your trunk cleared in case your riders need to use it. And, don't feel pressured to help, but riders will appreciate it, and have the option to tip.

Get in the game

Before and after school sporting events will be a popular time for trip requests. Find your local school's athletic schedule for sports that have big stadiums and fan followings, such as football, basketball, and soccer.

Get in the groove

Did you know you can set up Pandora for free in your Uber Driver app? You can make playlists or ask students if they have a particular music station they'd like to listen to. This is especially popular when friends are traveling together.

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