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State Farm Stadium

Instructions for drivers

Who wants to pay for parking? State Farm Stadium makes it easy to catch an Uber to and from the game, concert or event. And with a designated lane and parking lot for rideshare vehicles, it's easy for drivers to cash in on the action.

Requests at State Farm Stadium

Pickup tips for drivers

Traffic on game days may be difficult to navigate. That's why State Farm Stadium has a dedicated lane for rideshare drivers like yourself to pick up passengers during and after events.

The rideshare zone on 93rd Ave and Bethany Home is where riders will request a trip when exiting State Farm Stadium.

Rides to State Farm Stadium

Drop-off tips for drivers

When driving passengers to State Farm Stadium, enter east on Bethany Home Rd into the Black Lot and drop off your riders at the designated rideshare zone.

Entering or exiting otherwise may not only result in a citation, but will also be deadlocked with traffic during events.

About the venue

Fun facts

Opened on August 1, 2006, State Farm Stadium is most famously home to the Arizona Cardinals. The stadium has the first ever fully retractable natural grass playing field, which can be moved to the outside of the building. In the short time since opening, this stadium has hosted two BCS National Championship Games, two Super Bowls, Copa America Centenario games, and will host the NCAA final four in April 2017.

Step-by-step instructions

How to navigate State Farm Stadium

When picking up or dropping off riders, following these instructions for using the designated rideshare lanes:

  • The rideshare zone on 93rd Ave and Bethany Home is where riders will request a trip when exiting State Farm Stadium (see map).
  • Head north on Loop-101 and take the Bethany Home Exit. Take a right on Bethany Home Rd and you'll be guided to the staging area.
  • When a rider makes a request from the stadium, they will be guided to the pickup zone.
  • Navigation will direct them through the app.
  • Please note - you may need to text/call your rider more than usual to coordinate pickup.

More at State Farm Stadium

Learn some pro tips for pickups

Traffic details

  • You may only stage/stop on the north curb of the westbound lanes of Bethany Home Rd.
  • Obey any and all permanent or temporary traffic signs.
  • Obey any and all road closures.
  • Obey any and all traffic officers at all times.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the street for pickup or drop-off.
  • The ramp/access to the Bethany Home Rd area will be closed or traffic will be diverted if the area is full.

Finding your rider

  • Parking lots surrounding the stadium make it difficult to find riders and can slow you down!
  • Many State Farm Stadium attendees use Uber. We suggest confirming that you have the correct rider before beginning the trip by asking him or her to confirm their first name.
  • For best access to the pickup location, ensure your Uber U trade dress is clearly displayed.

Required documents

Uber trade dress

All partners are required to have trade dress displayed on their vehicles. Your Uber "U" should be displayed on the inside, passenger-side of the windshield while 'Online' and during trips. This will allow you entry to the Uber pickup & dropoff area.

You can pick up a trade dress by visiting our Greenlight Hub or request one to be sent to you by clicking here. If you need a trade dress immediately and can't visit us in person, you can print a temporary one by clicking here.

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