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The Orlando Uber Greenlight Hub will remain closed Wednesday, 9/4 due to weather conditions from Hurricane Dorian. We anticipate re-opening 9/5.

Orange County Convention Center

Instructions for drivers

The Orange County Convention Center is the second-largest convention center in the U.S. and hosts conventions, trade shows, and meetings.

Requests at Orange County Convention Center

Pickup tips for drivers

The Orange County Convention Center has suggested pickup points for rideshare drivers like yourself to pick up passengers during and after events. See the map below for pickup/drop-off points.

Rides to Orange County Convention Center

Dropoff tips for drivers

When driving passengers to Orange County Convention Center, drop them off at any of the pickup/dropoff points indicated in blue on the map below.

How to navigate Orange County Convention Center

When taking a trip to or from Orange County Convention Center, navigate to any of the blue pickup/drop-off points in the map at right. These are the easiest places to pick up and drop off riders.

More at Orange County Convention Center

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Traffic details

For up-to-the-minute traffic information on event days, tune to WDBO-FM. The station transmits traffic news in Orlando.

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