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The Orlando Uber Greenlight Hub will remain closed Wednesday, 9/4 due to weather conditions from Hurricane Dorian. We anticipate re-opening 9/5.

Camping World Stadium

Instructions for drivers

Who wants to pay for parking? It's easy to catch an Uber to and from Camping World Stadium. And with suggested pickup points, it's easy for drivers to cash in on the action.

Requests at Camping World Stadium

Pickup tips for drivers

Traffic on game days may be difficult to navigate. We suggest that riders request a trip at the following pickup points:

  • W Church St. and S Westmoreland Dr.
  • W Anderson St. and S Westmoreland Dr.
  • W Gore St. and Rio Grande Ave.

Rides to Camping World Stadium

Dropoff tips for drivers

Drop your rider off at the closest, most accessible location you can get in relation to the stadium. Depending on the event, there may be road closures, so please determine the easiest and safest dropoff point.

Step-by-step instructions

How to navigate Camping World Stadium

When picking up or dropping off riders at Camping World Stadium, there may be road closures. The map at right shows the roads that are frequently closed during events.

If roads are closed and your rider cannot find you, they may contact you. If this happens, direct them to one of the suggested pickup spots above, or to another safe pickup location.

Camping World Stadium FAQs

What if I receive requests for uberX and other products (e.g. uberXL)?

You will receive requests on a first-in, first-out basis within the FIFO zone. For example, if your vehicle is eligible for both uberX and uberXL trips, you will automatically receive both types of requests depending on which request comes first when you are at the front of the queue.

More at Camping World Stadium

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Traffic details

For up-to-the-minute traffic information on event days, tune to WDBO-FM. The station transmits traffic news in Orlando.

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