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Gameday in Norman

Instructions for drivers

During the fall, we see huge rider demand in Norman when school is back in session and football is in full swing. We've gathered everything you need to know about driving on game days in Norman, Oklahoma.

Pre-game trips

When there's a home game, we typically see riders make the most requests about 3 or 4 hours prior to kickoff when they're making their way to tailgates.

We know that traffic on game days can be hectic and difficult to navigate, so we recommend always listening to parking lot attendants instructions and obeying street closures. If you have difficulty reaching your rider, call them to coordinate a pickup location.


While the football game is in progress and all riders have arrived to the stadium, we see rider requests temporarily slow down. This is a great time to fill up your tank of gas, grab a coffee, and recharge for the post game requests.

Post-game requests

An average football game will typically last about three hours, although this can vary if there are weather delays or the game goes into overtime. We recommend listening to the radio or using social media to keep track of when the game is letting out so that you can make your way towards the stadium and take advantage of the post-game trip requests.

Trip requests don't end when the game let's out, though. Regardless of if the team wins or looses, we always see a spike in trip requests late into the night as students go out to celebrate. Stay online late on game days to earn big!

More tips for Norman drivers

  • Riders in Norman, especially students, like to travel in big groups. We see a lot of requests for XL vehicles, so if you have a large vehicle be sure to drive it in Norman!
  • The closer the score of the game, the longer fans tend to stay. If one team is winning by a large margin, we tend to see requests start to pickup early in the fourth quarter. Use social media or the radio to stay up to date on the status of the game!

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