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Easier to understand rates

You’ll see the exact rates you earn for every minute and every mile you drive. You no longer need to subtract the Uber service fee from these rates to determine your earnings. Rates are based on your Uber activation date.


Your trip earnings are calculated using the rates below. These are the exact rates you will earn for every minute and mile you drive. Rates are based on your Uber activation date. For full details on your earnings, rider payments, and Uber fees, tap Fare Details on your trip receipt.


  • Base Fare: $0.83
  • Per Mile: $0.7183
  • Per Minute: $0.1796
  • Minimum Trip Earnings: $5.03
  • Cancellation Fee: $3.59

Booking fee

You will be charged a Booking Fee for every trip. The amount is posted and updated on Uber will collect this fee from riders on your behalf. Rates shown here may not apply to excluded trip types, such as airport flat rate trips and minimum fare trips. Refer to your Financial Terms Addendum for details.

Checking rates after launch

The Uber Partner Portal

To check your rates after Uber launches at 12:01am on Thursday, June 29, follow the link below.

How to check current rates in the Partner Portal

Finding rates


Log in

Go to the Uber Partner Portal and log in using your Uber partner account email and password connected to your Uber account.


Open the main menu

Click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the page.


See rates

Click on ‘Fares’ in the drop down menu.

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