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Buggy TLC Rentals
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Use the form below to schedule an appointment at Buggy TLC Rentals and Leasing. Get an Uber-ready car and you'll be on the road in as little as two days.

Buggy TLC Rentals
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445 Empire Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sun: 9am-5pm

Phone: (347) 334-6313

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Weekend vehicle rentals also available with Buggy

In addition to weekly rental, Buggy offers a weekend-only rental option to Uber driver-partners, giving you the ability to drive during some of the busiest and most lucrative days of the week.

Prices for a 3-day rental
(Friday, 9AM - Monday, 10AM)

$199* 2017-2018 Mid-size Sedan: Elantra or Sentra

$219* 2017-2018 Full-size Sedan: Sonata, Altima, or Camry

Other fees include: Refundable Security Deposit: $199 Late Return Fee: $100 (if returned after Monday at 10AM) Cleaning Fee: $35 (if the car is returned dirty) Gas Fee: $20 per quarter tank (if not returned full)

How do I pick up my rental?
Buggy asks that you pick up your weekend rental any time on Friday from 9AM to 5PM. Buggy requires you to drop your rental off to Buggy by 10AM on Monday. You can return your rental earlier as long as Buggy is open.

Uber has no responsibility for the offers, products or services provided by third parties. *The terms of your rental agreement, including the costs, are between you and the dealership.

Ready to rent?

Ask Buggy about renting one of their Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) to be eligible for a weekly $350 promotion!*

To be eligible for $350 ($350/week incentive), you must rent a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) from a participating NYC dealer (see and complete at least 50 trips of any kind within the 5 boroughs with 50 different riders each week. Repeat trips with the same riders will not be counted toward your completed trips for the offer. If you complete your first trip between Monday and Wednesday of a given week, your first week begins upon first trip and you have until 4:00 AM EST the following Monday to meet requirements for week 1. If you complete your first trip between Thursday and Sunday of a given week, your first week begins at 4:00 AM EST the following Monday. If you elect to rent a vehicle with a total cost above $350/week, you will be responsible for any costs over $350. To be eligible for this incentive offer, you must see the offer and complete the qualifying trips by July 1, 2020. You will get a $350 reward on your payment statement after fulfilling the requirements. Disclosures: Financing available through participating NYC dealers. Uber does not provide financing. NYC partners must have an active TLC license. To qualify for this program, you must enter into a payment agreement with a participating NYC dealer under which you agree to make your weekly vehicle payment pursuant to that dealer’s terms. Additional fees, which are set at the discretion of the participating dealer, may apply depending on the payment method you choose. Some participating dealers may require a deposit or the first week payment upfront. Rental returns typically require two weeks notice per the terms of the participating dealer.
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