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New Orleans Area

Are you eligible to operate in Orleans Parish? Check out some important information about regulations in and around New Orleans below.

Minimum Requirements

To pick up in Orleans Parish:

  • Vehicle within 8 model years
  • Louisiana Drivers License
  • Louisiana Registration
  • Valid Insurance with your name on it
  • Louisiana Brake Tag

If you do not meet the above qualifications you may be able to pickup riders in Jefferson or St. Tammany Parish.

To pick up in Jefferson or St. Tammany Parish:

  • Model year 2005 or newer
  • Valid Registration from any state
  • Valid Insurance with your name on it
  • Inspection Sticker

How Are Trip Fares Calculated?

Trip fares are calculated by adding a base fare and time and distance rates. Fares vary by the vehicle option requested. Fares may also vary based on other factors, such as traffic conditions.

If you're eligible to operate in Orleans Parish, here is some key information from the city code governing ride sharing

  • When you're using the app, you must have the Uber 'U' displayed and visible through your front windshield.
  • Uber partners cannot sit at or use taxi stands.
  • Uber partners cannot pick up street hails or otherwise offer rides to people who haven't requested through the app.
  • Uber partners must not refuse to take a passenger who has requested a ride once that request has been accepted if the destination is within 10 miles of city limits.
  • Uber partners are subject to random drug testing.
  • Uber partners must not provide services for more than 12 consecutive hours in any 24 hour period.
  • The code requires partners who have a security interest, privilege, or lien on their vehicle to notify the entity possessing the security interest, privilege, or lien that they are using the vehicle to perform TNC services.
  • Uber partners in New Orleans are covered from app on to app off by primary insurance maintained by Uber which meets the requirements of the recent passed ordinance. Partners will also have the option under the ordinance to maintain their own qualifying coverage from private insurers. With that said, a partner's personal automobile insurance policy may not provide any liability or other related coverage, including, but not limited to uninsured or underinsured motorist, comprehensive, or collision coverage while the driver makes himself or herself available for TNC services or is performing TNC services.
  • The city may assess penalties for violations of the ridesharing code. Specifically, a TNC partner is subject to immobilization and/or impoundment of the TNC vehicle and a fine of up to $500.00 for a first offense; for subsequent offenses, partners are subject to immobilization and/or impoundment of the TNC vehicle and a fine of up to the maximum amount allowable in the Municipal Court of Orleans Parish.
  • Local law requires us to take appropriate action if you are involved in any accident while operating on the Uber platform. You must report any accidents immediately through your app.
Read the full city code here

New Orleans Regulations & Compliance

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