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Mardi Gras 2018

Carnival guide

New Orleans is buzzing with the excitement of Mardi Gras and that's great news for drivers! Here you'll find important information and pro-tips to help you navigate the festivities with ease.

Uber Blog

The Big Easy guide to celebrating Mardi Gras

Laissez les bons temps rouler with Uber

Lavish, masked balls and streets brimming with kaleidoscopic crowds await you at New Orleans’ 2018 Carnival.

So pin down your parade plans and polish off your costume—whether you plan on driving or partaking—Uber is here to ferry the krewe to the fun.

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Where the fun is

Carnival schedule of events

  • Weekend 1: January 27 - 28

    Saturday, January 27

    • 11am: Krewe of Bilge, Slidell
    • 6pm: Krewe of Poseidon, Slidell
    • 6:30pm: Krewe du Vieux, French Quarter**
      • Followed by: krewedelusion, French Quarter**

    Sunday, January 28

    • Noon: Krewe of Little Rascals, Metairie
    • 1pm: Krewe of Slidellians, Slidell
      • Followed by: Krewe of Perseus, Slidell

    **Indicates large events

    View full schedule & routes here

  • Weekend 2: February 2 - 4

    Friday, February 2

    • 3pm: Krewe of Cork, French Quarter
    • 6pm: Krewe of Oshun, Uptown**
    • 6:30pm: Krewe of Cleopatra, Uptown**
    • 7pm: Krewe of Eve, Mandeville
      • Followed by: Krewe of Excalibur, Metairie

    Saturday, February 3

    • 10am: Krewe of Paws, Slidell
    • 11:45am: The Mystic Knights of Adonis, Westbank
    • 1pm: Krewe of Tchefuncte, Madisonville
    • 1pm: Knights of Nemesis, Chalmette
    • 1pm: Krewe of Pontchartrain, Uptown
      • Followed by: Krewe of Choctaw, Uptown**
      • Followed by: Krewe of Freret, Uptown**
    • 5pm: 'tit Rəx, Marigny
    • 6pm: Knights of Sparta, Uptown**
      • Followed by: Krewe of Pygmalion, Uptown**
    • 6pm: Krewe of Caesar, Metairie
    • 6pm: Krewe of Olympia, Covington
    • 6:30pm: Krewe of Titans, Slidell
    • 7pm: Krewe of Chewbacchus, Marigny**

    Sunday, February 4

    • 11am: Krewe of Femme Fatale, Uptown**
      • Followed by: Krewe of Carrollton, Uptown**
      • Followed by: Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin, Uptown**
      • Followed by: Krewe of Alla, Uptown**
    • 1pm: Krewe of Claude, Slidell
      • Followed by: Krewe of Dionysus, Slidell
    • 2pm: Krewe of Barkus, French Quarter

    **Indicates large events

    View full schedule & routes here

  • Weekend 3: February 7 - 13

    Wednesday, February 7

    • 6:30pm: Krewe of Druids, Uptown**
    • 7pm: Krewe of Nyx, Uptown**

    Thursday, February 8

    • 5:30pm: Knights of Babylon, Uptown**
    • 6:15pm: Knights of Chaos, Uptown**
    • 6:30pm: Krewe of Muses, Uptown**

    Friday, February 9

    • 11:30am: Krewe of Bosom Buddies, French Quarter
    • 6pm: Krewe of Hermes, Uptown**
    • 6:30pm: Krewe d'Etat, Uptown**
    • 6:30pm: Krewe of Selene, Slidell
    • 7pm: Krewe of Morpheus, Uptown**
    • 7pm: Krewe of Centurions, Metairie
    • 7pm: Original Krewe of Orpheus, Mandeville

    Saturday, February 10

    • 10:45am: Krewe of NOMTOC, Westbank
    • 11am: Krewe of Iris, Uptown**
    • Noon: Krewe of Tucks, Uptown**
    • 4:15pm: Krewe of Endymion, Mid-City**
    • 6:30pm: Krewe of Isis, Metairie

    Sunday, February 11

    • 11am: Krewe of Okeanos, Uptown**
    • 11:45am: Krewe of Mid-City, Uptown**
    • Noon: Krewe of Thoth, Uptown**
    • 5pm: Corps de Napoleon, Metairie
    • 5:15pm: Krewe of Bacchus, Uptown**
    • 5:30pm: Krewe of Athena, Metairie

    Monday, February 12

    • 5:15pm: Krewe of Proteus, Uptown**
    • 6pm: Krewe of Orpheus, Uptown**

    Tuesday, February 13

    • 8am: Krewe of Zulu, Uptown**
    • 10am: Krewe of Rex, Uptown**
      • Followed by: Krewe of Elks Orleans, Uptown
      • Followed by: Krewe of Crescent City, Uptown
    • 10am: Krewe of Argus, Metairie
      • Followed by: Krewe of Elks Jefferson, Metairie
      • Followed by: Krewe of Jefferson, Metairie
    • 10am: Krewe of Lyra, Covington

    **Indicates large events

    View full schedule & routes here

Getting trip requests

Mardi Gras trip request areas (Uptown route)

To help you navigate the festivities, instances where you would have to cross parade routes to pick up your rider will be limited.

In the event that you’re matched with a rider across the parade route, please follow all signs and directions from traffic officials as you head to the pickup area.

Busiest request times

Ride requests will increase as Carnival-goers head to and from parades.

The final weekend of Mardi Gras, Wednesday, February 7 through Tuesday, February 13, is expected to be the busiest time for ride requests.

  • In years past, requests typically increased leading up to Mardi Gras day (2/13), with peak request days being Friday (2/9) and Saturday (2/10).

Safety pro-tips

Greet & verify your rider

With crowds of costumed Carnival-goers, you'll want to make sure you've picked up the right person. Greet your rider and ask their name—if it matches what's shown in your app, you can start the trip!

Don't drive distracted

Riders trust you to get them to their destination safely. Using a phone mount can help you avoid distractions that may take your eyes off the road, such as texting and driving.

Have an issue?

Our team is ready to help! With 24/7 phone support, you can speak to one of our support specialists directly in the Uber Driver app. Just tap 'HELP' and select the phone icon in the top-right corner. In case of emergency, call 911 immediately. You can find additional safety resources here.

Protect your personal information

When contacting your rider through the app, your real phone number is hidden to protect your privacy. You shouldn't ever share your personal phone number, and you should never give out sensitive personal information, such as Uber login details, to anyone.

Your feedback is important

Sharing your feedback helps us ensure that everyone has a great Uber experience and respects our community guidelines. Our global support team reviews all feedback and takes appropriate action if someone violates those guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

  • What streets border the Uptown parade route request area?

    The Uptown parade route request area includes all city streets between Napoleon Ave to Canal St and Saint Charles Ave down to Tchoupitoulas.

  • What happens when the parade is over Uptown, but still rolling in the CBD?

    As streets begin to reopen Uptown, partners will be able to start receiving requests across Saint Charles. In areas where the parade is still rolling, you will not have to cross the parade route to pick up your rider.

  • —What about Endymion?

    We've set up the same plan for Endymion—no drivers on the Uptown side of Canal will be sent requests to the Gentilly side of Canal, and vice versa.

  • —What about Zulu and Rex?

    Requests will be blocked across the parade lines for both Zulu and Rex even though they do not follow the typical Uptown route.

  • What if a rider outside of the Uptown parade route area wants to go inside the parade area, and vice versa?

    Street closures will prohibit drivers from crossing Uptown parade routes.

    Drivers can drop off riders as close to the parade route as possible so that riders can walk across. Once across, riders can request another Uber ride, if necessary.

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