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UberBLACK Guide

Become a top-rated partner

From trips to the airport to business meetings, riders who request UberBLACK rely on top-rated partners for a premium experience that goes beyond the average trip. See what riders expect when they expect when requesting UberBLACK.

Customer service is key

Riders who choose to pay more for UberBLACK will be expecting a trip experience that goes beyond an average uberX trip.

Pro tips:

  • Open the door for riders when you them pick up and drop them off
  • Help riders with luggage, grocery bags, baby carriages, etc.
  • Double check the name and destination of the rider before the start of the trip
  • Ask if the temperature of your car is comfortable, or if the rider would like the windows down
  • Ask if the rider has a music preference
  • Avoid talking on the phone during the trip

Keep your car clean

Another top reason riders choose UberBLACK is for the car quality. Riders expect to be picked up in a clean, high quality car. A dirty car can ruin the experience of being in a nice car so try to keep things fresh and clean for happy riders.

Pro Tips:

  • Wash and clean the interior of your car on a regular basis
  • Riders are encouraged to be respectful and not leave trash behind, but make a habit of checking if trash (or any other item) is left behind at the end of a trip
  • Avoid using “New Car Scent” air freshener—it can be almost as jarring as a foul odor for many

Be friendly

Feedback from riders highlighted attitude as one of the top areas drivers can improve on to get a 5-star rating. This doesn’t mean you have to chat with everyone (some riders just want some quiet time), but a friendly greeting will make the ride a better experience.

Pro Tips:

  • Riders like to be greeted when they get in the car—try asking how their day or evening is going
  • Riders don’t like traffic—and they don't enjoy it when drivers get frustrated by traffic or other cars on the road, so keep things positive and pleasant during the ride
  • Have the air conditioning on when it’s hot out, or ask how the temperature is
  • Help riders load or unload luggage and shopping bags
  • Have a phone charger for riders to use
  • Ask if the rider has a music preference. And if you’d like to be the DJ, you can play ad-free music right through the Uber app with Pandora.

Little things that go a long way

Having added amenities like chargers, water bottles, or gum in your car can be a very welcome convenience many riders appreciate. For many riders, there's nothing better than being able to charge your phone when they really need to.

Pro Tips:

  • Have phone chargers that are close to the back seat so that riders don't even need to ask for them
  • Have an AUX cord in case riders would like to play their own music
  • Some riders enjoy being offered cold water, candy, mints, or gum. Just be careful that your car still stays free of trash from things like this

Know your rider

Knowing your rider's name is one thing, but knowing where your rider needs to be can also help improve their experience. For example, if your rider is having a business meeting, you might want to keep the music in the car to a minimum.

Pro Tips:

  • You don't need to feel pressure to talk, but there's nothing wrong with making conversation with your rider if they want to tell you where they're going
  • Ask your rider if he or she would like music at the start of the ride
  • If a rider is with a group, ask them if they would like to connect their Pandora or Spotify music through the Uber app
  • Be familiar with airport gates and terminals to keep the stress of navigating airports off of your rider

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