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Project Jumpstart Driver's Choice Award

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Vote for which finalist you think should win the Project Jumpstart Driver's Choice Award in New Jersey. The driver-partner that receives the most votes will receive a Project Jumpstart grant towards their cause, and a little something extra special. Voting will be open until June 19, so vote today.


Precious Little Ladies

Robin submitted an application to support Precious Little Ladies, Inc.(PLL), a community-based organization charged with assisting domestic refugees—those fleeing domestic violence and sexual abuse.

What the organization does:

“PLL has given hope, inspiration and support, both materially and spiritually, to local and regional people, causes and places of worship. PLL helps make whole those divided by their personal trauma who find it hard to cope, and reminds them that they are not alone. This organization matters to me not just because Aziza has been a friend and neighbor whose children play with mine, but because of Aziza’s strength and unwavering determination to help others, even in the face of such great personal pain. I find her story to be one of the most inspiring I've ever heard, which compels me to do whatever I can to assist both her and my community.”

Why this organization matters to Robin:

“My dear friend and partner Aziza Kibibi was molested from a very young age by her father. Aziza's mother was ineffective, as she was herself abused by her husband. In her twenties, Aziza eventually escaped her father's grasp and had him convicted and sentenced to 90 years in prison. After Aziza authored a book about her experience entitled Unashamed: A Life Tainted, she founded Precious Little Ladies, Inc, whose mission is to combat child molestation and domestic violence by strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters, while providing women the tools they need to protect themselves and their children. PLL is currently funded through public donations, fundraising events and Aziza's personal finances. As an adjunct to PLL, Aziza created the "Girl, We've Got You Covered" program which is designed to gift domestic refugees (women and their children in domestic violence or DV shelters) with feminine hygiene supplies, toiletries and beauty products to boost self-esteem and help get them back on their feet. Aziza also conducts seminars and speaking engagements locally as well as in other states. She connects with other organizations and government agencies, domestically and internationally, to spread the message of strength, hope and triumph over the trauma of domestic violence and sexual abuse.”


The Willing Heart Community Care Center

Willie submitted an application to support The Willing Heart Community Care Center, a non-profit organization that helps provide a place for revitalization and rebuilding lives through an all-inclusive proactive curriculum for all ages.

What the organization does:

“The Willing Heart Agape Meal program consists of a food pantry and a weekly hot meal. It is through this program that they provide bags of groceries, and healthy hot meals. The goal is to provide access to food for those in the community who are ‘food insecure.’ Over 18% of the population in Essex County is ‘food insecure,’ according to Feed America. ‘Food insecure’ is the term the USDA uses to indicate people who lack access to enough food to live healthy lives.”

Why this organization matters to Willie:

“Willing Heart serves groceries to 500 families and serves 1300 hot meals every month. Funding provided from Uber would allow us to increase the supply and reach more individuals and families throughout the month. The proposed project is to deliver 100 bags of groceries to Senior Citizens, and serve a hot meal on Thursday, reaching another 1300 people each month. Presently, they have volunteers who deliver food bags to seniors who can’t get out. The Willing Heart is getting calls from Senior Housing buildings to ask if they can deliver. They have also been approached by a Senior Day Center to bring bags to their seniors. More and more senior citizens are becoming “food insecure” because of the rising costs of health care, prescriptions and the lack of mobility to get out. Sadly, this population consists of Veterans who have given so much to their country, and grandparents raising grandchildren.”


STEAM Center at the Freehold Early Childhood Learning Center

Patrick submitted an application to support STEAM Center at the Freehold Early Childhood Learning Center, whose mission is to nurture the social, emotional and intellectual growth of each child.

What the organization does:

"This grant would give the students with a wide variety of special needs at the Early Childhood Learning Center, access to STEAM activities and technology that otherwise they would not have access to. It would allow them to enrich their curriculum with the ever evolving ‘assistive technology.’"

Why this organization matters to Patrick:

“My son started at the Early Childhood Learning Center in September 2016. In just a few months, he went from having maybe 5 words and extreme difficulty in communicating, to 50 words and being able to get general wants and needs across to me, my wife & other family members. He is just an all around happier kid and growing more each day. These things would not be possible without the dedicated staff at the ECLC. The STEAM activities and technology will not only help bring my son’s speech up to the level of kids his age, but will help with general social skills as well. Being able to communicate helps greatly to diminish sensory issues in all children.”


Ms. Hillary's Kids Inc.

Nery submitted an application to support Ms. Hillary's Kids Inc., an organization designed to help youth establish social, emotional, academic and spiritual balance in their lives.

What the organization does:

“Ms. Hillary’s Kids mentees will get to network with some of the most successful individuals in their respective fields and obtain opportunities that will enable them to move forward toward their dreams. Ms.Hillary believes in empowering each of her “kids” to reach for the highest star, and teached them that they—not their circumstances—determine their future and the effect they will have on the world.”

Why this organization matters to Nery:

“In joining Ms.Hillary’s Kids, students are committing not only to themselves, but to their future selves. They are committing to their peers and to Ms.Hillary. They commit to dream big, show up, do the work, and make it happen. In essence, Ms. Hillary’s Kids plants a seed in underprivileged or troubled youth, that allows them to forge a positive path forward—and once they are working towards or have achieved their dreams, will come back and plant the same seed in the next generation as mentors. The funds would be utilized to cover the youth's transportation (airfare and getting around the NYC area), hotel meals and tours of NYC landmarks. This trip would leave an indelible mark on this youth group who have traversed much hardship in their lives, and further cement in them the belief that they can rise above their circumstances and see that many do care for them and are cheering them on to succeed. Thank you for your help!!”

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