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Reduce your downtime

Back-to-back trip requests

With Uber, you can drive as little, or as much as you want. We want to help you maximize your time on the road, so you can earn more in less time. Take a look at the feature that gives you a new trip request, before you even end your current trip.

Accept a new trip, while you're on a trip

How it works

1. Get a new trip notification

You’ll get requests for trips that start nearby your current rider's drop off location before the trip is over.

2. Accept the new trip

While on a trip, you’ll get a notification to accept your next request. After you accept, the screen will go back to your current trip, that way you can still be sure where to go.

3. Go to your next pickup

Once you get to your current rider's drop off location, end their trip, rate the rider, and the app will automatically route you to your next pickup to start earning again.

Frequently asked questions

Will this factor into my acceptance rate?

Yes. These requests factor into your acceptance rate just like any other request.

What's the benefit to this feature?

This update to trip requests is expected to drastically lower ETAs for riders and partners alike. Riders will enjoy quicker pickups, increasing ratings, and partners won’t have to drive as long to their pick-ups.

How do I start getting requests before my trip is over?

As long as you or the rider has entered the destination into the Uber app, we will automatically look for requests near your rider’s drop off location.

What if my current rider wants to make multiple stops?

If the rider has already entered their destination upon request, kindly confirm with them if it is their final destination. If not, you may change the destination in the Uber app to the final destination so you are less likely to receive your next request too early.

Is this uberPOOL?

No. The two riders will never be in your vehicle at the same time.

Will the next rider know that I’m on my way to them?

Yes. The next rider will see a popup in the rider app stating that the closest vehicle for them is completing another trip nearby, and we will also show the first drop-off point on the map for clarification.

Can I opt-out of receiving requests like this?

At this time we are unable to opt-out partners individually from this feature.

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