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Nissan Stadium

Instructions for drivers

Nissan Stadium is a multipurpose stadium with its primary use for football as the home field of the Tennessee Titans. And with a designated pickup/dropoff area for Uber drivers, it's easy for you to cash in on the action.

Requests at Nissan Stadium

Pickup tips for drivers

Please use the rideshare zone on South 1st St between the Korean Veterans Blvd overpass and the pedestrian bridge. This location has been approved for pickups and designated by the police department.

Please contact your rider after matching to verify their exact location for a seamless pickup.

To get to the rideshare zone from east Nashville:

  • Take Shelby Ave to 5th St S
  • Make a left onto 5th St S
  • Turn right onto Davidson St (which becomes 1st St)
  • The rideshare zone will be right after the Korean Veterans Blvd overpass on the right

Rides to Nissan Stadium

Dropoff tips for drivers

Dropoffs at Nissan Stadium can occur in a few designated places:

  • Southside: Sylvan St on either curb past the Lot N entrance. Must exit on Crutcher St

  • Southside: Woodland St in the curb lane between S 1st St and S 2nd St

  • Northside: South 1st St, which can be accessed via Davidson St. The loading zone is on 1st between the KVB Bridge and the pedestrian bridge.

Please follow the on-the-ground directions for rideshare as well as directions from traffic and law-enforcement officials.

Pickup area location

When there are events at Nissan Stadium, please watch out for road closures and obey all instructions from law enforcement. They are there to help you and will show you the best place to pick up your rider, given the traffic conditions.


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