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The Westin Nashville

Instructions for drivers

The Westin Nashville provides the ultimate insider access to discovering Nashville. Tourists love to stay close to the action and locals love the rooftop lounge on Friday and Saturday nights.

Requests at the Westin

Pickup tips for drivers

There are 2 entrances at the Westin, so make note of whether your rider's pin is at the front entrance on Clark Place or the side entrance on 9th Ave S. If you're unsure, consider contacting your rider to confirm their exact location.

Rides to the Westin

Drop-off tips for drivers

The Westin has 2 entrances, but the main entrance on Clark Place can be subject to traffic due to construction. To avoid that traffic, use the side entrance on 9th Ave S.

Pro tip: Always ask your rider what entrance they prefer. Some riders will want to avoid the traffic, while others want to pull up to the front in style.

To access the side entrance, turn onto 9th Ave, drop your rider off at the side entrance, and make a U-turn to exit onto 9th Ave.

How to navigate the Westin

See this map for more context on where to drop off and pick up at the Westin. You can drop off at both entrances, but to avoid traffic, use the side entrance on 9th Ave S.

See a larger version of this map here.

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