Music that moves you
Listen for free through the app

Your favorite music,
one tap away

Play music for free through the Uber Partner app with Pandora. It’s available whether you’re on or off trip. Riders can also choose what music they’d like to hear on trip. Once the trip is complete your music will automatically resume.

Uber + Pyxis

Personalized music from Pandora

Start by choosing an artist, song, or genre. Every Pandora station evolves with your taste. Just log in or create a free Pandora account to listen directly through the Uber Partner app.

Connect and play

Connect and play

Connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth, AUX, or USB and set the stereo as needed
Tap Play Music in the top left corner of the Uber map
Adjust the volume of your stereo and your phone to a comfortable level

Start playing music in the app

Questions about music

How do I qualify?

You must be an active driver-partner in the US, Australia, or New Zealand to be eligible.

Can I play music over Bluetooth?

Yes, you can play music via Bluetooth, USB, or AUX cable.

Will I still be able to hear my navigation?

Yes. The volume of your music will automatically lower so that you can hear navigation and other sounds coming from the Uber app.

Where can I get an AUX cable?

Music works with all AUX cables. You can purchase one online or at most gas stations and electronic stores. Most Uber Greenlight locations will have AUX cables available for free.

Uber Greenlight Locations

Will this use my data?

Music played with Uber is streamed very efficiently, but it may use some of your data. Depending on your data plan, it can cost extra. We recommend that you keep track of your usage so you don’t exceed your plan’s limit. For T-Mobile users, music doesn't count as part of your data usage. Additionally, other cellular carriers including AT&T and Sprint may provide Uber’s driver-partners with access to special discounts.