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U.S. Bank Stadium

Home of the Minnesota Vikings

Uber pickups and drop-offs are simple at U.S. Bank Stadium with our two Pickup Zones. Keep reading to cash in on the action.

Guiding your riders

Pickup Zones at U.S. Bank Stadium

Uber has secured two Pickup Zones at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Riders will select one of the designated pickup zones, located outside of Pentair Gate on 6th St or 3rd St & Park Ave.

Step-by-step instructions

How to navigate U.S. Bank Stadium

During large events, riders will be guided to a designated Pickup Zone. The designated zones are located outside of Pentair Gate on 9th St, or 3rd Street (3rd St & Park Ave).

9th Street Pickup Zone

  • You may enter the Pickup Zone from South 6th street. Pick ups occur on South 6th between 9th Ave and 10th Ave.

3rd Street Pickup Zone

  • You can enter the Pickup Zone on 3rd Street from Park Avenue or 3rd Street


  • Complete all pickups and drop-offs in the Pickup Zones
  • Feel free to text/call your rider to help guide them to the Pickup Zones
  • Properly display Uber stickers
  • Obey all the rules of the road when dropping off or picking up passengers
  • Obey all instructions given to you by traffic officials and city police

Do Not

  • Enter or wait in the Pickup Zones until you have accepted a request

Please note: Uber will not reimburse for citations that occur for pick ups at the wrong area and partners not displaying proper stickers.

Traffic at U.S. Bank Stadium

Traffic information

During large events, there will be road closures. The following roads will be closed:

  • Chicago avenue between 4th Street and 6th Street
  • Norm McGrew between 3rd Street and 4th Street
  • 4th Street between Park Avenue and the US Bank Stadium loading dock
  • 5th Street between 11th Avenue and 13th Avenue

Please note: The west bound lanes of Washington Ave, between Portland Ave and Hennepin Ave, will be closed for construction through November 15th. The east bound lanes will remain open.

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