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Mall of America

Instructions for drivers

We've partnered with the Mall of America (MOA) to make pickups and drop-offs a seamless experience for you and your riders.

Requests at Mall of America

Pickup tips for drivers

  • Feel free to text or call your rider to help guide them to the Uber pickup zone
  • Properly display Uber trade dress
  • Obey all the rules of the road when dropping off or picking up passengers and instructions given to you by traffic officials, city police or mall police
  • Do not pickup riders who are at undesignated locations/curbs
  • Do not enter/wait in the pickup zone until you have accepted a request

Please remain in your vehicle while at the Uber Zones. If you need to park, use the regular parking spots outside of the Uber Zones.

If a partner is in violation of the above, the operations team at Mall of America will be collecting license plate numbers and potentially towing vehicles. Thanks for your coorporation!

Step-by-step instructions

How to navigate Mall of America

There are five designated pickup/drop-off (PUDO) locations at the Mall of America. Riders will request from one of these locations.

  • North Entrance (above Lindau Ln)
  • West Parking Ramp
  • East Parking Ramp
  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel

In the rider app, riders will asked to select one of the five pickup locations listed above.

Mall of America

Pickup locations

In the rider app, riders will be forced to select one of the five pickup locations listed above. If your rider is having a hard time finding their way, please feel free to call or text them to assist with the pickup. Each location listed below has specific pickup requirements.

North Entrance

When riders request from the North Entrance, the navigation will most likely direct you underneath the MOA bridge on Lindau Lane. The pickup location is actually on the upper level. Please follow Ikea Way or N E Ct to get to the North Entrance Pickup:

  • From the West: turn left on N E Ct and then take your next two lefts (look for the MOA star sign)
  • From the East: turn right on Ikea Way and then take your next two rights (look for the MOA star sign)

Once you've entered the new MOA North Entrance, please enter the parking to the right (west) and look for the Uber Pickup signs.

Radisson Blu & JW Marriott

You may pickup riders at either of the hotel's roundabouts. Please be respectful of the valet drivers and don't wait longer than 10 minutes.

West and East Parking Ramps

The west and east parking ramps are very similar. Locate the two pickup waiting areas within the ramp on the first level, just across the street from the entrance. Look for the Uber signs in blue and white.

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