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Delivery trips can be tricky—from finding the restaurant, parking, grabbing the items, and then delivering it all to the customer at their door. Follow these steps for a seamless delivery, always.

Full instructions

How to complete a delivery trip

Setting you up for success

All the steps to complete a delivery trip

Receiving the item request

  • Our deliver zone will be announced soon
  • Delivery requests come right through the app the same way ride requests do
  • You’ll hear a sound, and instead of “UberX’ the screen will say “Delivery.”
  • Tap the screen to accept the delivery and you’ll see the pickup location, what you’re picking up, and who the order is for.
  • When you’re ready to go, tap “Navigate” in the app and the GPS will guide you to the pickup location, just like any other Uber trip.
  • Pro Tip: Tap the clipboard in the right hand corner of the app to get more trip details–like what you’re picking up and where you’re delivering. You’ll also be able to see contact details for the business and the recipient.

Picking the item up

  • As you approach the pickup location, you’ll see and hear special pickup instructions from the business in the app–like “parking spot in the back”. * Always look for a safe, legal parking spot.
  • And now–since this and many pickups are door-to-door– you can stretch your legs and go inside. If you’re picking up from a restaurant, make sure to bring an insulated bag inside the store.
  • Once inside the business, it’s important to let someone on the staff know you’ve arrived to pickup an order. You should bring in your phone and show them the order numbers and the customer names to make it easy. * Make sure that you have all the orders before starting the trip–you’ll often have more than one.
  • Going into the kitchen of a restaurant is not preferable since that can disrupt the restaurant flow of operations
  • Then, head back to your car and slide Start Trip to navigate to the drop off location.

Dropping the item off

  • Don't forget, all deliveries should be made to the customer's door.
  • Do not complete the trip until handing off the food to the customer
  • Navigate to the drop off location and as you get close, swipe up in the app to see if there are any specific instructions or requests from the customer that will help you complete the delivery–like “park in front of the building” or “leave delivery with the doorman.”
  • When you arrive at the drop off location, it’s always best to find a safe place to park, walk to the door, and knock or ring the bell.
  • The customer receives an alert when you’re close so they should be ready for you. If you need to contact them, you can always tap on the clipboard icon at the top of the app to call or text them
  • Once you finish, swipe to complete trip and you are finished!
  • Pro Tip: When the customer opens the door, introduce yourself to make sure you’re handing the right order to the right person. “Curry Up Now, for Jennifer.”