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Santa Monica College

Instructions for drivers

Santa Monica College makes it easy to catch an Uber to and from school. And with a designated parking lot for rideshare vehicles, it's easy for driver-partners to cash in on the action.

Requests at Santa Monica College

Pickup tips for drivers

Traffic in the morning may be difficult to navigate. That's why Santa Monica College has a dedicated lane for rideshare driver-partners like yourself to pick up passengers every day.

Riders can't be picked up on Pearl St, so please coordinate a pickup on Pico St.

Rides to Santa Monica College

Dropoff tips for drivers

When driving passengers to Santa Monica College, head to the Uber Zone on Pico heading east, past 18th St and the bus station.

Pearl St pickups are unsafe and prohibited by Santa Monica College. You may not drop off at the bus station either. Stay safe and pick up on Pico.

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When school is in session

Expect a busy morning for dropoffs at Santa Monica college between 8-10am.

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