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The Greenlight Regus Spot will be closed Tuesday, December 24, Wednesday, December 25, and Wednesday, January 1. Please utilize our 24/7 phone support for assistance.

TIAA Bank Field

Information for drivers

Requests at TIAA Bank Field

Pickup tips for drivers

Traffic on game days may be difficult to navigate. That's why Uber has a dedicated pickup area at East Adams Street and North Georgia Street.

Post game, riders will be directed by the rider app to the pickup area at East Adams and North Georgia.

Note: Starting in the third quarter of football games, all traffic will be heading away from the stadium. It is highly recommended that partners arrive at the the designated pickup area prior to the end of the game to ensure a smooth pickup experience.

Rides to TIAA Bank Field

Drop-off tips for drivers

When driving passengers to TIAA Bank Field, please drop your riders off at the designated Uber drop-off area at East Adams Street and North Georgia Street.

Uber FIFO zone at TIAA Bank Field

We have implemented first-in, first-out (FIFO) queueing that goes live at the beginning of every game and stays active until a few hours after the end of a game.

Once you enter the FIFO zoning boundaries (highlighted in blue on the map at right), you will automatically be placed into a virtual queue. When a rider requests in the zone surrounding TIAA Bank Field, the request will go to the vehicle within that area that has been waiting the longest, rather than the vehicle that is closest to the Field. If you’re the second partner to enter the area, you’ll be the second to receive a trip request. If you're the fifth to enter the area, you’ll be the fifth to receive a trip request.

Note: You will lose your place in line if you cancel a trip on a rider, go offline, shut down your phone, switch vehicles, or leave the FIFO zoning area. You will not lose your place in line if a rider cancels or if you drive around within FIFO boundaries. Football games are usually 3 hours long, so expect a big increase in demand 3 hours after kickoff.

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