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Klipsch Music Center

Instructions for drivers

Klipsch is the largest outdoor music venue in Indy. And with a designated rideshare lane to drop riders off along with a special area to pickup Uber users, it's easy for drivers to cash in on the action.

Requests at Klipsch

Pickup tips for drivers

Traffic before or after concerts may be difficult to navigate. That's why Klipsch Music Center has a dedicated zone, the Red Lot, for rideshare drivers like yourself to pickup passengers.

The Red Lot, which is a gravel parking lot, is located near the mobile trailer and a white house. Make sure you arrive early though. Entrance to the venue is prohibited after the show is over.

Rides to Klipsch

Drop-off tips for drivers

When driving passengers to Klipsch Music Center, enter through Gate 2 off of Boden Road.

You'll need to inform the parking attendants that you are dropping a rider off and they will direct you where to go.

Step-by-step instructions

How to navigate Klipsch

  • Enter Klipsch Music Center from Gate 2 off of Boden Rad
  • For drop offs, let the attendents know you are dropping off a passenger and proceed to the circle drive
  • For pick ups head to the Red Lot which is a gravel parking lot located near the mobile trailer and white house
  • Riders will be directed to meet you at the Red Lot

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