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Airport pickups


Airport permits are free, and required in order to pick up passengers at both airports. To receive airport requests, please wait in either airport's TNC Staging Lot. Due to Houston Airport System (HAS) regulations, partners will not receive requests anywhere else on airport premises. There are no requirements to drop off at the airports.

Where to get an airport permit

The Houston Airport System (HAS) Permitting Office is located in Terminal A of IAH, just west of the taxi stand (2800 North Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032). The office is open Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm (except holidays).

Be sure to take the following documents with you:

  • Texas driver's license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of vehicle registration (form or receipt, not the sticker)
  • Your phone with the Uber Driver App

When you arrive at the permitting office, let them know that you are an Uber partner by showing an 'Online' version of the Driver App and they will give you a form to complete. Once you receive the airport permit, you may pick up riders from IAH and HOU.

How airport requests work

We have instituted First-In, First-Out (FIFO) queuing zones at both airports. The FIFO queuing zones at IAH and HOU are located within the TNC Staging Areas.

When you enter the FIFO queueing area, you will automatically be placed in a virtual queue for an airport pickup request. When a rider requests a trip from IAH or HOU, the request will go to the vehicle within the FIFO boundaries that has been waiting the longest, not the vehicle that is closest to the terminal. Proximity to the airport does not matter as long as you are in the FIFO area.

Driver cancellations

You keep airports running smoothly

In order to have a great Uber experience at airports for both riders and drivers, we need your help. Please follow any airport rules and regulations. Additionally, if you’re picking up riders at the airport, please be available to complete all ride requests you accept. Please do not ask riders for their destination and then cancel. This causes problems for riders trying to get home, and drivers waiting for their next trip.

It’s your choice to pick up riders at the airport. Drivers who improperly use the app and intentionally disrupt the service for riders or drivers, including excessively canceling rides or asking riders to cancel rides, may lose the ability to provide transportation to or from airports.

Where to wait for requests

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

To receive airport pickup requests at IAH, please wait in the TNC Staging Area on Will Clayton Pkwy near the Lee Rd intersection. Once you have received a request, check your app for information on where to meet your rider.

Hobby Airport (HOU)

To receive airport pickup requests at HOU, please wait in the TNC Staging Area. To access this lot, enter Rent Car Rd from Airport Blvd and follow the designated signage. Once you have received a request, meet your rider at pickup Zone 5.

Airport FAQ


Yes, you will lose your place in line if you do not accept a trip, cancel a trip on a rider, go offline, shut down your device, or switch vehicles. However, you will not lose your place in line if a rider cancels the trip, even if you have already left the TNC Staging Area.


You may be asked to head towards the terminals prior to a ride request, which means a lower wait time for you and shorter pickup times for riders. On the way to the terminal or once you arrive, you will receive the relevant rider details. Please be sure to leave the TNC Staging Area within five minutes of being notified to avoid losing the trip request.

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