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Making the Most Out of Your Time

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Delvering with UberEATS

How It Works

Accept a delivery request

Eaters order delivery from their favorite local restaurants directly through the UberEATS app.

You'll be matched with delivery requests close to your location!

Pick up the food

Head to the restaurant to grab your delivery order. The UberEATS app will help you navigate from start to finish.

We partner with restaurants so orders are ready when you arrive.

Drop off to customer

Head to the customer's location to drop off the order. Orders are paid for in advance for a faster drop off.

You'll be able to see your earnings immediately after drop off.

Maximize Your Earnings


High Demand Areas

Downtown, Capitol Hill, Highlands, Boulder and Cherry Creek are all popular spots for Delivery.


High Demand Hours

Our peak times are lunchtime 11am-2pm, dinnertime 5pm-9pm, and late night after 12am.


Preferred Bike Zones

Check the app for preferred bike zones - these are areas of high demand and short delivery distances

Pro Tips From Top Partners

  • Bring everything you need

    Bring your phone and insulated bag inside for every pickup and drop-off; this will help restaurants and customers verify the order.

  • Be Mindful Of Parking & Special Instructions

    Park your car at a suitable parking spot around the restaurant for pick-up, and customer for drop-off.

    Look at the special instructions section before each pickup and drop-off for tips on parking and how to find the entrance to the restaurant.

  • Put Orders In A Secure Place While Driving

    After double-checking the order number, always ensure packaging items, cutleries, and other disposable items are provided.

    Place the hot and cold items separately using the divider and ensure that the items are placed upright. Ensure that the bag is tightly secure and placed in an upright position.

  • Say Hi!

    Greet, and be courteous to the customer - they are pumped to receive their order and rate each experience!

    When the customer opens the door, introduce yourself to make sure you’re handing the right order to the right person, such as: “The Goodburger, for Jennifer.”

  • Your Delivery Bag

    The UberEATS delivery bag has been specially chosen to ensure that food stays hot or cold and arrives as fresh as possible.

    How to prevent spills and messy meals:

    • Check that the container's lid is secured tightly and facing up.
    • Place the food carefully and flat into the bag.
    • Be careful not to tip the bag on its side or upside down especially with pizzas!).

Boosts & Quests

Earn More During High Demand


When you get a Boost, your trip's fare will multiply and you will earn more. Boosts exist in different zones across the city, so how much of a Boost you get will depend on when and where you drive.


When you get a Quest, a trip count goal is set and if you hit it, you earn more. Quests are different every time they are offered so make sure to check the requirements.

Sometimes, things happen during a delivery

Common Issues, Answered

  • I Can't Find The Eater

    Once you have arrived at the delivery location, you can find all the details that will help you to locate them (eg. intercom, floor number, etc.) within the app. If any information is missing, or if the eater appears to be absent, we strongly suggest that you contact them at least twice by clicking on ‘’Contact’’ via the menu button in your app, and leave a voice message if they do not answer.

    Important: You must use the phone number associated with your UberEATS account in order to contact the eater.

    If the eater does not respond after calling them twice, we strongly recommend you wait 5 minutes and attempt to call them again. After this period of time, you may cancel the order by marking the order as ’’Unable to deliver’’ on the app. Important: You will be paid for the delivery and the cancellation will not impact your eligibility to the trip incentives.

  • I Can’t Deliver The Order (accident, flat tire, order damaged, etc)

    If you are on your way to the restaurant and have not picked up the order yet, we strongly recommend that you first call for emergency assistance (if necessary). If possible, cancel the trip on your app as soon as you can. We then request that you call UberEATS support and report the incident to us.

    If you have already picked up the order and you are on your way to the eater‘s location, we strongly recommend that you call for emergency assistance (if necessary). We then request that you call UberEATS support and report the incident to us.

  • Customer Called and Changed The Delivery Address

    Once you have collected the food and are on your way to deliver the order, an eater may call you to let you know they have entered the incorrect delivery address. Be aware that you are free to accept or decline the request to deliver to the new location.

    If you are happy to deliver the order to the new address, we strongly recommend that you call our support team so they can adjust your trip fare.

    Otherwise, if you decline to deliver to the new address, you are free to dispose of the food in a safe place. We request that you contact UberEATS support to make us aware of this situation.

  • The Order I Was Delivering Just Got Cancelled

    There is a possibility that the order you accepted was cancelled by the restaurant or by our support team. The order will then disappear from your app and return to the home screen.

    If this does happen, please note that your payment will always be calculated on the basis of the distance travelled from the restaurant. You are free to dispose of the food in these instances.

  • I Have Been Waiting For A Long Time At The Restaurant

    When demand is high, restaurants may take longer than usual to prepare the food. We suggest that you wait at least 15 minutes at the restaurant. If you have waited for 15 minutes and the food is still not ready, you can cancel the order by indicating the following reason ’’Excessive wait time” on your app.

  • When to Contact the Restaurant or Eater

    • If you can’t find the restaurant or aren’t sure which entrance to use to go inside.
    • If you can’t find the eater or are having trouble going inside their building.
    • If anything is delaying you from reaching the restaurant or eater.

    To contact the restaurant or the eater, tap the clipboard icon in the top right corner of your app.

More orders, More earnings

Delivering Multiple Orders


Accept all incoming requests

While driving to the restaurant to pick up the order, you may receive requests for more orders. These additional orders can all be picked up at the same restaurant.

Be sure to accept all incoming orders, they're all yours!


Pick up the orders from the same restaurant

Pick up and confirm all of the orders at the restaurant. Each order will have a separate eater to deliver the food to but will come from the same restaurant.

Tip: The clipboard in your app will show you each eater's order.


Deliver orders to separate eaters

Your app will guide you to each drop off location. It's important to keep track of the deliveries since you are delivering multiple orders at once.

Check the name on the receipt to delivery the correct items.

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