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DIA Staging Area

Survey Results

With a response rate of over 80%, it's clear that you care about airport pickups. We wanted to share the survey results with you and tell you what we're doing to continue to improve the DIA experience.

What partners are saying...

We hear you loud and clear

Here's our plan to help

Lot size and wait times

This one is tricky. The bigger the lot, the more drivers there are waiting. The more drivers there are waiting, the longer it takes to get a request.

DIA's goal is to keep wait times under 2 hours, and offering more and more parking makes that goal harder to reach.

Our goal is to continue to make pickups efficient and fast so that you spend as little time as possible waiting for requests. We will continue to work with DIA and provide the necessary data to keep wait times as short as possible, while still accommodating as many drivers as we can.

Unfortunately that means for the time-being DIA will not add any additional spots to the lot. However, we will work our hardest to continue improving the airport pickup experience and increasing the number of riders who choose Uber.

Seeing your place in line

Having no idea what position you are in line is a frustrating experience. Equally as frustrating is driving all the way out to DIA just to arrive at a full lot.

As of Wednesday, 11/16, we've launched two new features: Place In Queue and Airport Activity!

These features were designed to help with those frustrating experiences. To learn more about how they work, check out our Denver International Airport page (hint: they're covered at the very bottom).

Parking attendants

DIA has agreed to try out a new process where they don't have staff actively patrolling the lot entrance.

We're excited about this solution, but it will take cooperation by everyone to make sure it lasts. Ensuring that DIA staff and DPD are treated respectfully when they are present is an important part of making this solution work.

Additionally, DIA has asked that all partners review the staging area rules and expectations, which you can find just a little further down this page.

Restroom cleanliness

In response to the early feedback, DIA has doubled the number of available port-a-potties and and has increased the frequency of cleanings.

If you continue to see issues with the cleanliness of the lot, please let us know by using the feedback form found below.

We're not done here

So what's next?


Keep sharing your feedback

We want to continue to get your feedback on these changes.

How are the new features working? Are the bathrooms looking cleaner? Keep us in the loop!

You can use this form as a place to send us issues or suggestions over the coming weeks.


We'll share your comments with DIA

Hearing about your experiences at the staging area is the best way for us to improve it.

We meet with DIA regularly and discussing your feedback will be an important part of those conversations.

By knowing your issues, we can work with DIA to make changes together.


Plan for another check-in soon

We're holding ourselves accountable to improving the airport experience.

60 days from today, we'll send out another survey asking you again to rate the DIA staging area.

The goal of this survey is to make sure we are making progress in the right direction and to take action accordingly.

As a reminder...

Staging area rules and expectations

  • Obey all traffic laws and posted signs, including the standing DIA rule prohibiting parking on the side of any roadway, including Pena Blvd

  • Follow instructions from any City and County of Denver official

  • When the lot is closed, please leave the area until the lot reopens

  • Only park in marked spaces while in the lot

  • Enter the lot from the designated entrance on the East side of the staging lot

  • Do not make a left-hand turn from E 80th Ave into the staging lot

  • Do not make U-turns at any intersection on DIA property

  • Use the designated trash bins to throw away any trash from the holding lot

  • Always display your Uber trade dress in the lower right hand corner of the windshield

  • Do not park in the Signature Flight Support lot east of the staging area (this will also result in losing your spot in the queue)