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New Year's Eve

Driver Guide

This New Year’s Eve, we want to make sure you’re ready to take advantage of extra big earnings. Read our tips below to maximize your earnings and minimize your stress on the big night.

Best times to drive

On New Year’s Eve, you can earn big between 6pm and 4am. Expect demand to pick up around 7pm as riders start their celebrations. Requests will slow down between 11:15pm and 12am, so you’ll have time to take a break. But stay on the road for the highest fares between 12am and 3am as riders head home.


Late Night Rush

While earnings before midnight are big as riders head out to celebrate the new year, the 12am - 3am hours will be the busiest.

Last year, earnings per hour in Dayton during the 12am - 3am hours were 50% higher than a normal Saturday night!

New Year's Eve


Verify your riders

Lots of people will be looking to get in an Uber on NYE - make sure you confirm your rider by asking for their name and then verifying it with the name in the app. If you do pick up the wrong person, let us know and we’ll help sort it out.

No items left behind

Did someone leave their party favors in your car? Snap a picture of any lost items and get in contact with the rider.

Too much champagne? We can help.

If a rider makes a mess in your car, simply request a cleaning fee and we’ll help you out. You can also prevent wear and tear on your vehicle by bringing cleaning wipes or putting down mats.

Double check your docs

Don't forget all of your important documents like your driver's license, registration, and insurance. Remember—you can always update your documents in your app by going to Account > Documents.

No-wait trip requests

During times of high demand, you may receive a new trip request before you are finished with your current trip.

No need to worry! Once you've accepted the new trip and finished the one you're on, the app will automatically navigate you to your next rider. This helps cut out downtime between trips so that you can spend more time earning.

Other 5-star tips

Check out more tried and true 5 star tips here.

Make the most of the night

We’re here to help

New Year’s Eve is a big night and we want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. For any questions or concerns, contact our in-app help or go to

The perfect 2016 station

Celebrate the start of 2017 by replaying some of the best musical moments from 2016 with this Pandora station.

Have fun!

New Year's Eve is a magical night!

Feel free to get in the spirit by donning your favorite NYE accessories, handing out candy, or putting on a themed Pandora playlist.

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