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Delivery Guarantee FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Uber delivery guarantees!

Where to look and how to participate

How do I participate in a guarantee?

You'll be notified about upcoming guarantees via text message, so make sure you’re opted in to receive texts from Uber.

A link to the guarantee amounts will be included in the text, or you can look in the Promotions section of the Partner App.

Learn about some common requirements

What are guarantee requirements?

Deliveries per hour

The minimum number of meals that you need to deliver each hour in order to qualify for the guarantee.

For example, for a period with a DPH requirement of 1.5, if you are online for 2 hours then you must complete at least 3 delivery trips in order to qualify.

Acceptance rate

This relates to the number of deliveries you must accept while you are online. For example, for a guarantee with a minimum acceptance rate of 70%, you must accept 7 out of every 10 delivery requests.

Minimum time online

The minimum amount of time you must be online in order to qualify for the guarantee.

For example, a guarantee from 11am - 2pm may have a time online requirement of 2 hours. This means you must be online (and available to receive orders) for at least 2 hours out of the 3 hour period in order to qualify for the guarantee.

The time online does not have to be continuous, but must amount to at least 2 total hours in order for you to qualify.

How can I tell if I qualified for a guarantee?

All payments from guarantees are added to your account by Tuesday and are available in your weekly Tuesday payment statement. That means any earnings from guarantees will not be available for withdrawal through Instant Pay.

When your Tuesday payment statement is processed, you can see your earnings from guarantees in the Uber Driver App or in

If you have questions, or are unsure about why you did or did not qualify for a guarantee, you can always visit our experts at your local Greenlight Hub. Check out details for locations and hours below:

Greenlight Hours and Locations