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Gamecocks Football

The University of South Carolina Gamecocks continue their home season on this Saturday, 11/5 at 4:00pm EDT vs. the University of Missouri Tigers. As with all football weekends, we're expecting high demand all weekend long! Here's everything you'll need to know for this weekend's game:

When to drive

The game starts on Saturday at 4:00pm EDT, but demand will be high all weekend - from Friday evening through until early morning Sunday. Because it's a game day, Saturday will be busy all day. Based on how riders use Uber on game days, here's when we expect rider requests - and partner earnings - to be the highest on game day (Sunday):

9am-12pm: Expect high demand as riders head to tailgates and pregame celebrations

2:30pm-4pm: Expect high demand as riders head into the stadium for kickoff

7pm-8pm (or 1 hour+ after the game ends): Expect very high demand around the stadium after the end of the game as fans try to catch a ride home

8pm-3am: Expect very high demand around downtown, specifically Five Points and USC campus as fans head out to bars for the night.

Where to drive

Before and during the game


As people get ready to head to pregame events, demand is highly concentrated downtown and near USC campus.


During this time period, fans are either heading to the game from the tailgate, or are leaving the game early. You can see that during this time demand has shifted heavily towards the stadium.

Where to drive

After the game


Around the time the game ends or when fans begin leaving the stadium, demand is highly concentrated around Williams-Brice Stadium. Don't miss out - be near the stadium to catch the requests!


Now, let's take a closer look. Riders will be unable to request while they are inside the stadium, but will do so once they exit the stadium and walk away from the congestion. On game days, most requests for pickups are made in the areas where the arrows are pointing in the heatmap below. We'll be directing riders here as they leave the stadium.

Given how congested the area around the stadium will be after the game, we encourage you to contact your rider immediately after accepting the trip to confirm their pickup spot. As always, please be sure to confirm their name as they enter your vehicle.

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