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Chattanooga Riverbend 2017

Event Driver Guide

Starting June 9th, tens of thousands of music fans will flock to Chattanooga for a week long concert series—and they'll need safe and reliable rides. Read on for details on how to make the most out of Riverbend: concerts & event schedules, road closures & traffic flow, best areas for pickup and dropoff. This is a week you won't want to miss!

Full Driver Guide

Keys to Success

Making the Most of Riverbend 2017


Plan Your Week

Review the concert schedule ahead of time to be familiar with when and where to drive.


Go Online Before Concerts

Concert goers will be looking to you for help getting to the concert. Position yourself outside of downtown early in the evening (5:30pm and on) as riders look to make their way downtown for concerts.


Downtown Requests After Concerts

Concert goers will begin to head home around 11pm. Position yourself downtown, north of 4th Street for the most request after the concerts each night.

Be In The Know

Road Closures

June 9th through June 19th

Downtown Chattanooga will experience heavy road closures during the entire week of Riverbend. The map above shows which roads will be closed with numbered circles to indicate where entrances and exits will be for the festival area.

  • Riverfront Pkwy Closed from Aquarium Way to Molly Lane (expect further closures later into the evening)
  • South Bound Off Ramp from Veterans Bridge to Riverfront Pkwy
  • Power Ally from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Pkwy
  • Chestnut St from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Pkwy
  • Expect full road closures after concerts let out
  • Walnut St from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Pkwy
  • Aquarium Way from Walnut St to Riverfront Pkwy
  • Lookout St from 3rd St to Riverfront Pkwy

Follow the rules of the road

Additional Regulatory Information

No pickups/drop-offs in traffic or intersections

Do not pick up or drop off riders in the flow of traffic. This includes turning lanes, street corners intersections, bike lanes, and no-parking zones. For the safety of drivers and riders, do not pick up or drop off riders in intersections.

No pickups/drop-offs in no-parking zones

You will not be permitted to pick up or drop off your riders in no-parking zones, designated by signs stating ‘no parking’ or ‘no loading or unloading.’ You will be permitted to pick up or drop off in areas where the parking meters have been bagged. When in doubt, ask the nearest police officer.

No staging in loading zones

You will not be permitted to wait for riders in the loading zones or no-parking zones, as police will need to keep traffic moving. Please be sure to call your rider beforehand to coordinate as best as possible.

Riverbend Week Prep

Uber Decal

All drivers must display an Uber "U" sticker in their front windshield for race weekend. You can order one online to be delivered to your account address, or print one off at home. Click the link below for more details.

Need Help?

Have questions or concerns leading up to the big race weekend, or if you have issues this weekend, don't worry! We have online resources and support to help you along the way. Just click the link below.

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