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King Street & Market Street

Information for driver-partners

Charleston has a transportation ordinance which places restrictions on pickups and dropoffs in King Street and Market Street areas.

Rules and regulations

How pickups and drop-offs work

Per the city ordinance, partners are not permitted to pick up or drop off passengers on King Street (between Spring Street and Calhoun Street) or in the Market Street area (see map below) between the hours of 12:30am-3am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

In accordance with the city ordinance, pickups and drop-offs must be completed on side streets during these hours.

The city ordinance prohibits parking, stopping, or standing on King Street or in the Market Street area during the designated times. However, pickups and dropoffs may still take place on side streets and hotels with dedicated loading/unloading zones.

Partners are also not permitted by the city ordinance to occupy or use the taxicab stands in these areas at any time.

Please see both of the maps below for restricted pickup and drop-off areas.

These areas are restricted during the hours of 12:30am-3am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.


King Street Area


Market Street Area


Helpful tips for Downtown Charleston trips

Pro tips

We inform riders of these rules and regulations by displaying a message to them when they open their app in the designated areas during the impacted times.

Here are some steps that we recommend partners take to make pickups during these times even easier:

  1. Once you have identified that a request is from or near King Street or Market Street, we recommend that you call or text the rider to inform him/her that you’re unable to pick them up on King or Market Street, but will meet them on a side street instead.
  2. If the rider does not answer, we recommend that you drive to a side street near the pickup spot. Once you are safely pulled over and not blocking traffic, you may press Confirm You've Arrived and give the rider a call to let them know your location.

When dropping off, please consider pulling onto a side street before the passenger exits the vehicle.

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