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Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place

Instructions for drivers

We have a designated Uber pick-up lot for all events at Gillette Stadium and off-season, making it easy for you to cash in on the action.

Requests at Gillette Stadium

Pick-up tips for drivers

We have a dedicated pick-up lot at the stadium, located at Lot 15, Bass Pro Drive, Foxborough, MA 02035.

Heavy traffic is normal for events around Gillette Stadium, here are recommended routes in case of traffic delays.

  • Partners should begin waiting at the lot halfway through the fourth quarter.
  • Uber representatives will be on site to assist you.
  • Once you enter the lot you will be directed to a parking space.
  • Partners will receive requests in the order they arrive at the lot.
    • If you go offline, the system will assume that you have left the lot and automatically place you at the end of the line when they sign back online.
  • Riders will be instructed to request at the lot. Please pick-up all riders at the lot.
  • Text your rider your exact parking space (e.g., A1, B2).
    • Sample Text Message: Hi! I’m at Uber Lot 15 in space B5.

Step-by-step instructions

How to navigate Gillette

When picking up riders, following these instructions for using the designated Uber lane:

  • Approach the lot from Highway 1
  • Enter at Bass Pro Drive and follow signs to the Uber Parking Lot
  • Wait at Lot 15, the designated Uber lot

Picking up at

Patriot Place

Dedicated parking spots

Expect Increased Demand throughout the month of May (Thursday-Saturday Nights).

We have partnered with Patriot Place in Foxborough to help make the pickup experience smooth for drivers and riders, on non-event days. There is a new pickup and dropoff zone, exclusive to Uber! Please utilize this area to ensure a smooth, safe pickup.

Note: This area will NOT be used during major Gillette Stadium events.

Getting there

You will find the Uber Pickup & Dropoff Zone in Lot 23 at Patriot Place. From Route 1, follow the Patriot Place road to Santander Bank, take left into Lot 23 and look for the 8 parking spots with Uber signs on the left facing Route 1.

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