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5 Star Tips

We asked some of our highly rated riders and driver-partners what great service means to them. Here is what they had to say:

Pro Tips

5 Star Pro Tips

Safety first

Top driver-partners understand the importance of driving safely and in accordance with the rules of the road.

Riders agree that this keeps them safe and makes them feel comfortable during each trip.

Begin and end trips on time

Driver-partners and riders agree that it is best to wait start the trip once the rider has entered your vehicle, and that you end the trip when you arrive at your destination.

This avoids confusion and ensures that fares are calculated correctly.

Determine the best route

Riders appreciate being asked their route preference; some may want to direct you, others may prefer you follow the GPS.

Driver-partners suggest choosing the navigation app you like most.

Be polite

Not every rider wants to talk during their ride, but top partners usually offer a friendly greeting.

Some riders prefer that phone calls be kept to a minimum during trips so you can focus on the road.

A clean car

Many driver-partners suggest cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis.

Riders say they appreciate a clean-smelling car. Mild air fresheners can be helpful, but too many or strong scents may be overwhelming.

Choose media wisely

Top driver-partners ask riders if they would like to listen to music on their trip.

If they do not have a preference, riders appreciate when your selection does not have any content that might be offensive.

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