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Product improvements

We put your feedback into action

As part of our efforts to continually improve the driver experience, we host roundtable discussions with Atlanta driver-partners and conduct surveys. Based on your feedback, we make updates to the Uber Driver and Rider apps to help improve your experience. Read on to find out more.

Driver app improvements

Keeping your account secure

Here's what you said: Driver-partners have reported third party websites, text messages, or phone calls that ask for your Uber login or password. These third parties may be attempting to steal your information. Please do not respond to these requests.

Here's what we did: Over the next few weeks, you’ll see a new "Privacy Settings" menu in the app to help make these controls easy to find.

We’re adding a dedicated menu in the app called “Privacy Settings” where all current and future privacy-related controls can be found in one place, including the existing “Remove Stored Contacts” setting.

List of Uber approved resources:

  9. Uber
  10. ATL Partners

Cash out your earnings

Here's what you said: I'd like to cash out my earnings anytime, anywhere.

Here's what we did: Back in August 2016, Uber and Green Dot expanded Instant Pay options in response to driver feedback and demand.

And now, with our expanded Instant Pay option, you can push a button and get paid whenever you want, to nearly any Mastercard, Visa, or Discover U.S. debit card associated with traditional checking and savings accounts.

Pickup corrections and driver support policies

Here's what you said: Pickups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right, and they’re especially difficult when riders accidentally request a pickup from the wrong place.

On top of that, many drivers have told us that some of our support policies feel stacked against them and seem to put riders’ interests above theirs.

Here's what we did: We’re enabling riders on iOS in the US, Canada and the UK to update their pickup location if they happened to request from the wrong place.

Additionally, we’ve begun to make updates to customer support policies in the US and Canada that give drivers more of a say on concerns and complaints that affect their bottom line, including: Rider Complaints, Wrong Driver Reports, Wrong Rider Pickups, and Fare Adjustments.

Promotions and incentives

Here's what you said: Promotions and incentives are confusing. I don't know when incentives are available, how to tell if I qualified for them, or how I get paid for them if I qualify.

Here's what we did:

  • How to find available incentives: In Atlanta, we send Boosts, Hourly Guarantees, and Quest (Do x, Get y) promotions out to select driver-partners on a weekly basis via the channels below:

    1. Email (Uber or Atlanta Partners
    2. SMS
    3. In-app: visit the 'Promotions' tab of your driver app
  • How to tell if you qualified: Qualification requirements vary based on the type of incentive. Visit the pages below to learn about how to qualify for your incentives.

  • How do I get paid? Boost incentive payments can be cashed out immediately. Do x, Get y are calculated the week after the incentive was offered, and can be found in your pay statement on the following Thursday.

A new navigation experience

Here's what you said: The Uber in-app navigation takes me on bad routes, it is delayed, and leads to a poor experience for my riders so I prefer to use other navigation providers.

Here's what we did: On March 15, Uber introduce a redesigned navigation experience built around drivers’ needs. We’ve completely revamped navigation on iOS and are introducing in-app navigation on Android for the first time. Now, with one-tap, turn-by-turn directions start right away, saving time and eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps.

uberPOOL improvements

First-time uberPOOL rider education

Here's what you said: Sometimes riders request uberPOOL, but are unfamiliar with the product and become frustrated by the experience.

Here's what we did: Now, when riders request an uberPOOL trip for the first time, we explain that uberPOOL matches them with another rider going in the same direction and that their destination cannot be changed, before they can request the ride. During the ride, there will be content available to further explain what riders should expect on an uberPOOL trip so they’re better equipped for the experience.

Ratings changes

Here’s what you said: Your rating shouldn't be affected by things out of your control, like when a rider isn't happy with their uberPOOL route or another rider’s behavior.

Here’s what we did: We’ve given riders more options when they rate an uberPOOL trip so things that are out of your control don’t affect your rating.

When a rider gives a rating of 1-4, they will be prompted to answer why their rating was less than 5. If a rider selects an option that is out of your control (e.g. uberPOOL route, too many pickups, poor co-rider behavior), this rating will not be applied to your driver rating.

Simplified uberPOOL trips in pay statements

Here's what you said: Driver-partners have expressed that understanding uberPOOL earnings can be confusing, so we've worked to make them clearer.

Here’s what we did: As you know, uberPOOL earnings are calculated based on time and distance from when the first rider is picked up to when the last rider is dropped off. To simplify, uberPOOL trip payments will now show time, distance, and earnings for the entire length of an uberPOOL trip—from the first pickup to the last dropoff.

Constant surge

Here’s what you said: Surge earnings on uberPOOL trips are complicated. It's difficult to know which surge is applied to the trip when picking up multiple passengers in different surge zones.

Here’s what we did: The surge multipliers of the first pickup is applied to all pickups on an uberPOOL chain.

Venue improvements

SunTrust Park

Here's what you said: It’s difficult to find riders because the pickup lane gets backed up quickly, and creates congestion in the pickup area.

Here's what we did: We've worked with the Braves and Cobb County P.D. to implement the following solutions that we hope will help create a better experience for your trips to and from SunTrust Park:

  1. Zone signs labeled A - J alongside the pickup lane on Windy Ridge Parkway to help driver-partners locate their riders.
  2. A designated parking lot for driver-partners who do not accept uberX requests to help alleviate congestion in the pickup lane. The designated parking lot is the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce parking lot, located at 240 Interstate North Parkway.
  3. You’ll now receive requests on a first-in-first out basis in both the Uber pickup area alongside Windy Ridge Parkway (uberX drivers) and the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Parking lot (uberBLACK, UberSELECT, uberXL-only drivers).

ATL Airport

Here's what you said: I keep getting requests for non-airport trips when I'm in the queue at the Rideshare Assembly Area.

Here's what we did: We tightened the trip request radius in order to limit the number of non-airport trip requests you receive while in the queue at the Rideshare Assembly Area.

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