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New Year's Eve

Drive Guide

This New Year’s Eve, we want to make sure you’re ready to take advantage of extra big earnings in Ann Arbor. Read our tips below to maximize your earnings and minimize your stress on the big night.

Highest earnings between 12am and 3am

On New Year’s Eve, you can earn big between 8pm and 4am. Requests might slow down between 10:30pm and 12am, so you can take time for yourself. But stay on the road for the highest fares between 12am and 3am as riders head home.

Know where to go

  • Some students are away, but we’re still projecting big demand in Ann Arbor. It’ll start to get busy around 8pm and be spread out across the city as party-goers head out for the evening.
  • As the night continues, demand will condense to heavily trafficked areas. During peak demand from 12am-3am, Downtown, especially near E Liberty St and S University Ave will see sky high demand as riders look to get home safely.Body Copy

Make the most of your night

We're here to help

New Year’s Eve is a big night and we want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. For any questions or concerns, contact our in-app help or go to

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