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Picking up riders in Albuquerque

Information for Drivers

In order to accept pickups in Albuquerque, please be aware of and adhere to the following guidelines.


Airports and venues require that a "U sign" (trade dress) be placed in your front windshield every time you drive with Uber. If you do not have a "U sign," follow the link below.

Hands-free phone law

All partners on the Uber platform are responsible for complying with applicable laws, including New Mexico's hands-free cell phone law.

Do not accept street hails

You may not accept street hails (a request for a trip that is not made through the app). Soliciting and/or accepting street hails is a violation of our policy and local and state law. If you violate this policy, your will face severe legal consequences, and you may lose access to the Uber platform.

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