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The place to get all of your trip questions answered.

Confirm your riders

"Always confirm your rider's name. You don't want to pick up the wrong passenger. I always ask, 'What's your name?' rather than 'You're John, right?' because they could easily just say yes. Also, don't begin the trip until the rider gets into the car."

Check the backseat

"After each trip, I remind the passengers to check the backseat to make sure that they are taking all of their belongings with them."

Enjoyable experience

"Always remember to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! Keep your vehicle spotless inside and outside, and make sure it's clean smelling without being overpowering. Finally, have fun! It is a great business to be involved with and you'll meet all kinds of people from all walks of life!"

Read your rider

"Most riders like when you make polite conversation but be careful not to ask personal questions. Dress presentably, and riders love it when you're helpful and go the extra mile! Open the door and help with luggage; it's the little things that count!"

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