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Uber One, the only membership to go and get every day.

A membership to save on rides, deliveries, groceries, alcohol, and more.

Sign up for just 395 DOP/month or 3,950 DOP/year

0 DOP Delivery Fee in Uber Eats

0 DOP Delivery Fee for orders across restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, pharmacy, and more.

Earn Uber Credits on rides

Earn 10% in Uber Credits on eligible rides with Uber, to use on more trips and orders with Uber Eats*.

User-top rated drivers and Uber Credits on late orders

Access to user top-rated drivers and 135 DOP in Uber Credits if our Latest Arrival estimate (shown after you place your order) is wrong.

Uber One Exclusives Offers

Exclusive promotions and members only-experiences on Uber and Uber Eats.

Become a member for just $395/month.

Start saving now on Uber and Uber Eats with an Uber One membership.

Prices subject to change, subject to prior notice.

Benefits available only for eligible stores marked with the Uber One icon. 350 DOP minimum order to receive 0 DOP Delivery Fee from participating stores except grocery stores, and 499 DOP minimum order on grocery stores for 0 DOP Delivery Fee. 135 DOP in Uber Credits is based on the “latest arrival time” shown in the app which is calculated based on an estimate of preparation and arrival times, determined once the order is placed based on similar orders completed by users and/or a reference of similar delivery times and only applies to restaurant orders. 10% in Uber Credits earned after completion of eligible rides. These credits will expire 60 days after being granted and you can find them in the Uber Cash section. Other fees and exclusions may apply.

Learn more about membership terms and conditions here.