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Don’t stop till zero

A zero-emission platform. That’s our goal, and we won’t stop until we get there. Because it’s the right thing to do—for everyone who relies on our platform, the cities we serve, and the planet we all share.

This is just the start

More and more drivers from around the world are making the switch to electric and joining us on our journey to being a zero-emission platform

Some of our sustainability news from around the world

Global | June 2023

At Go-Get Zero, Uber’s first global sustainability product showcase, Uber introduces how it’s making it easier for riders, drivers, couriers, and merchants to go green

India | May 2023

Uber launches in 3 Indian cities to give riders an on-demand zero-emission choice

USA | April 2023

Uber is funding an e-bike trade-in program to curb battery fires

New Zealand | April 2023

Uber invests $7.5 million and introduces Uber Green to accelerate EV adoption in New Zealand

US | March 2023

Uber Comfort Electric launches in 14 new cities throughout the US and Canada

UK | March 2023

Uber Eats partners with HumanForest to boost the number of sustainable deliveries with an e-bike or e-moped

Sri Lanka | March 2023

Uber sponsors e-cycles worth LKR 42 million for delivery partners in Sri Lanka

Global | March 2023

Uber partners with bp to help provide EV drivers with access to reliable and convenient charging

Australia | February 2023

Uber starts One Less Car experiment where Australians give up their car for a month

Colombia | February 2023

Riders in Colombia now have more zero-emission ride options as Uber Comfort Electric launches in Bogotá

US | February 2023

Uber Freight announces its first electric truck pilot, partnering with WattEV and CHEP on Southern California routes

India | February 2023

Uber partners with Tata Motors to make 25,000 zero-emission electric vehicles available to drivers in India

Europe | January 2023

Hertz and Uber to bring up to 25,000 EVs to European drivers

Global | January 2023

More sustainable rides are available in 200+ cities globally through Uber Green, Uber Comfort Electric, UberX Share, HCV, and Lime e-bikes and e-scooters

Global | January 2023

Uber releases our third-annual Climate Assessment and Performance Report

USA | September 2022

Riders across the US now have more zero-emission ride options as Uber Comfort Electric goes national

Global | September 2022

Uber for Business launches a sustainability insights dashboard to help companies report on their sustainability

UK | September 2022

Uber partners with Moove to provide London drivers with access to 10,000 new electric vehicles

Brazil | September 2022

Uber launches our first EV pilot in Brazil, partnering with Zarp Localiza to help 200 drivers in São Paulo

Australia | June 2022

Uber invests AU$26 million in driver incentives to provide Australian EV drivers with a 50% Service Fee discount

Global | May 2022

Uber launches the EV Hub, an in-app learning center for drivers on all things electric vehicle

Canada | April 2022

To improve access to EV charging in Canada, Uber partners with Wallbox

UK | March 2022

To help make it easier for drivers in London to charge their EVs, Uber funds 700 chargers

USA | November 2021

Uber partners with EVgo to improve access to EV charging in the US

USA | October 2021

Uber partners with Hertz and Tesla, making up to 50,000 zero-emission Teslas available for drivers to rent by 2023 in the US

Australia | September 2021

Uber publishes the Electrifying Rideshare report in Australia, outlining barriers to electrification and the policy changes needed to overcome them

France | January 2021

Uber launches €75 million electric mobility fund in France to help drivers transition to EVs

USA and Canada | September 2020

Drivers in the US and Canada receive an extra $1 on all EV trips as part of Uber’s Zero Emissions incentive

Global | September 2020

Uber commits more than $800 million in resources to help hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2025

*Drivers of electric vehicles are eligible for the Zero Emissions incentive program. The program will be available until 3:59am local time on July 1, 2023. The offer only applies to completed rides trips on UberX, UberXL, Uber Comfort, Uber Green, Uber Select, Uber Assist, Uber WAV, Uber Comfort Electric, and UberXShare if they’re available in your region. Uber Eats and Delivery trips are not eligible. Drivers can earn a maximum of $4,000 each calendar year the incentive is available.