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Employee resource group

Uber's community for employees with multi-faceted backgrounds

Our goal

Our mission is to ensure all cultures and nationalities feel included at Uber anywhere and everywhere. By building cultural awareness, encouraging open discussions and helping remove assumptions around preconceived notions, we ultimately want to make Uber a place where everyone feels welcomed, respected and celebrated for their unique backgrounds, cultures and experiences they each bring.

"Being involved in an ERG as an Executive Sponsor is a great opportunity to be actively involved in what I genuinely believe makes a difference at Uber in moving the needle on D&I. I am fully engaged to ensure we make Uber the place where everyone belongs, feels safe and can do their best work."


Anouk Geertsma

Director, Human Resources EMEA & Mosaic Executive Sponsor



Mosaic is Uber's first ERG born in EMEA.


We launched a multi-city panel for Ramadan to engage people from across the region on a day which is spread across a variety of cultures in EMEA.