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Affordable rides for groups up to 6

When you’ve got a group, a lot of luggage, or just the desire to spread out a bit, UberXL is the way to go.

  • Fits your group of 6 riders or 4 with luggage comfortably

  • Everyday prices

  • Comfortable vans and SUVs

How to ride with UberXL

1. Request

Open the app and enter your destination in the field "Where to ?". Once you've entered your pickup address and entered your destination, you'll see the UberXL option in the drop-down menu and a fare estimate.

Once you have confirmed your selection, you will see the driver's picture, all the details of the vehicle and the time of arrival of your driver.

2. Ride

The UberXL fleet includes primarily larger vehicles (e.g., Toyota Prius +), but also classic vans (e.g., Mercedes V-Classes). Make sure the vehicle details match what's in the app before you step into your UberXL.

Your driver knows the fastest way to your destination. Of course, you can enter stopovers in the app.

3. Hop out

When your trip is over, it will be paid automatically using the payment method you have selected. If you have entered a credit card or PayPal, you can conveniently get off.

You can share your fare with your companion via the app. Do not forget to rate your driver so that we can always improve Uber.

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