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Deliver with Uber Eats

Ready to earn money by delivering food? Learn how to start delivering with Uber Eats.

Make money on the go

For Fleet Partners

If you have your own food delivery company and you would like to start operating with us, you will have the opportunity of joining Uber Eats and start performing deliveries.

For couriers

If you would like to become a courier, you will need to get in touch and join one of the Fleet Partners that are already operating with Uber Eats.

Requirements for delivering:

Important information regarding document submission:

  • Photocopies or scans will not be accepted, only photos of original documents.
  • Make sure all 4 corners of all documents are visible.
  • If the document is blurred, if reflections, shadows or objects mask part of the image, the document cannot be accepted
    • Profile photo
    • Gewerbeanmeldung - Business Registration
    • Handelsregisterauszug - Commercial Registration
    • Nachweis einer gültigen Umsatzsteuer -Identifikationsnummer - VAT Registration Document
    • Ausweis / Aufenthaltsgenehmigung - ID or Right to work document
    • EC-Karte / Kontoauszug - IBAN information
    • Profile photo
    • Ausweis / Aufenthaltsgenehmigung - ID or Right to work document

    In case you are delivering with a scooter or car:

    • Führerschein - Driving license
    • Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I - Vehicle registration

How to create your account

Sign up to create your own Fleet or to create your account as a courier to join a fleet afterwards.

1. Sign up online

  • Download the Uber Driver app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Sign up to create your own Fleet or if you are employed by one of our Delivery partners.

2. Upload your documents

  • Open the Uber Driver app and go to “Documents”
  • Upload all requested documents
  • Wait for the documents to be reviewed and approved

3. Activate your account

  • As soon as your documents are approved, validate your bag in case it is needed.
  • If you don’t have one, please ask your Fleet Partner for further information or get a bag through the external website
  • After you have validated or you received your bag you will be able to start doing deliveries

Delivery options

More information

Car delivery

Delivery by car in your city

Scooter delivery

Delivery by scooter in your city

Bike delivery

Delivery by bike in your city

Register for VAT (if applicable)

It usually takes 2-6 weeks to complete the VAT registration process. This page (linked below) walks you through the basics. To get specific advice about your personal circumstances, you should consult a tax advisor.

Still have questions?

Deliver your way in the app

Deliver your way in the app

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