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SAP Concur puts Uber to work for you

Uber for Business integrates with SAP Concur to drive cost savings, improve your traveler’s experience and increase reporting visibility with instant setup.

Give your employees access to all the benefits of the Uber for Business | SAP Concur integration with just a few clicks using Employee Roster Sync.

Advanced E-receipts

E-receipts take the work out of expenses. Receipts from trips taken on the Uber for Business profile will flow directly into your employee’s Concur portal.

Robust reporting

Get detailed trip reports and additional data for visibility into ground spend, cost savings and business traveler insights from the Uber for Business dashboard.

Uber in your Concur dashboard

Admin management is easy because Uber rides will now appear in your organization’s Concur dashboard for easy tracking and reporting.

Concur Locate integration

Uber for Business integrates with Concur Locate for Duty of Care. Trip drop off location will feed into your Concur Locate dashboard.

Connect the Uber for Business app to your Concur and start having a faster, smoother experience for your employees and better visibility and reporting for you.