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Find your freedom with Uber. Where to?

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Need a break from your car?

As South Africans, we’re crazy about our cars. We give them names. We pamper them. And, we love spending time in them. But, every relationship needs its space. No matter how much you love your other half, sometimes you just need a little freedom to do your own thing.

You deserve the freedom to move

Let’s face it - navigating the city in your own car can be exhausting. There's the never-ending traffic, the struggle to find a parking spot and the rising costs associated with sitting behind the wheel. Everyone deserves the freedom to move - without the extra baggage.

Night out with the crew?

You're dressed and ready to hit that concert you've been saving up for. You open the Uber app and vow to have the best time. 3 hours later, you're freezing and ready to climb into bed! You watch as thousands of fans jump into their cars and fight to get out of the parking lot. But you, you're smarter. With a tap of the app, the car pulls up, you jump in and head home.

With Uber, you have the freedom to make the most of your night.

Survived the big game?

It's the night of the big game and you're ready for a night in with the guys. No drama, no trouble and absolutely no driving...it's just you and your favourite team! You grab your phone and open your Uber app - those nights of being the designated driver are just a bitter memory. You pull up to your mate's place, grab a drink and raise a glass to safe nights out with the people who matter.

With Uber, you have the freedom to make the most of your night.

Driving your own car

Car: R61,000 a year

Parking: R1,560 a year

Insurance: R18,000 a year

Cleaning: R1,800 a year

Licences & tolls: R2,000 a year

Petrol: R27,000 a year

TOTAL: R111,360

Based on a Toyota Corolla 1.8 Exclusive. Stats taken from MyTreasury.co.za

Die Uber App nutzen

Per Kilometre: R7.50

Per Minute: R0.75

Base: R5

According to MyTreasury.co.za, an average South African who drives 40 km per day (14 575 km per year), can save up to R14,000 per year just by selling their car and switching to Uber.

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