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Good food is great for business

Delight customers, treat remote workers, and motivate employees at the office with food delivery.

Meals for any occasion

  • Provide meals where they work

    For many businesses, home is the new office. Create a meal program and let your people get local favorites delivered right to their doorstep. Learn more here.

  • Place a group order

    Invite your co-workers to join a shared cart for a group order. Get individually packaged items and reduce the number of delivery people entering the office.

  • Offer food for virtual meetings

    Team syncs. Workshops. Holiday celebrations. Whatever the virtual occasion, provide a voucher for Uber Eats and cover the cost of meals for your team.

  • Show your appreciation

    Treat employees to their favorite meal with a voucher or an Uber Eats gift card. Improve team morale and say thanks for a job well done.


See how meal delivery can fuel your business

  • Create your meal program

    It’s easy to add employees and set permissions for time, location, and budget.

  • Order through Uber Eats

    Employees can order meals from local restaurants using the Uber Eats app and charge to one account.

  • Select your delivery preference

    The Uber Eats app offers a no-contact delivery option, so delivery people and your employees can maintain a safe distance.

  • Eat and enjoy

    Delicious food is a sure way to make everyone’s day.


We make it easy for you to keep everyone safe and satisfied

Safety is a top priority

From a no-contact delivery option to COVID-19 checklists for drivers and riders, we’ve taken steps to help users stay safe.

Wide variety of reliable meal options

Pad Thai. Pizza. Salads. Burritos. Let employees and customers order from over 780,000 restaurants, while you control budgets and policies.

Business policies and controls

When you treat clients, guests, or employees to meals, you can set rules and limits to control costs.

“Offering Uber Eats to our team is a great way to show our appreciation, as well as to help support our local economy and restaurants.”

Reena Scoblionko, VP of People, GoodRx

Everyone's favorite meals, wherever they work

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