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The platform employees love, for business

Employees save time when they take rides or order meals with Uber for Business.

Why employees love us

  • Separate business from personal

    It’s easy for employees to keep work and personal charges separate by switching to their business profile in the Uber and Uber Eats apps.

  • Save time on expenses

    Have receipts automatically forwarded through our integrations with SAP Concur and other expense providers.

  • Earn partner hotel points

    When employees link their Marriott and Uber accounts and take a ride or order a meal with Uber for Business, they can earn Marriott Bonvoy points to use for their personal travel.

  • Use the same app around the world

    Uber and Uber Eats are available in over 45 countries, so your team can request rides and order meals for work.


Linking employees to your company account is simple

  • 1. Invite an employee to the company’s account

    To start, your employee will receive an invitation from you to join the company’s account. If they already have the Uber app, there’s no need for them to redownload it or set up a new account.

  • 2. They activate their account

    Your employee opens email on their mobile device, searches for your invitation, and taps Activate your account in the email.

  • 3. Your employee joins the account

    They should then be redirected to their Uber app, where they will need to tap Join the account and follow the instructions to add their corporate card as a payment method.


“Given how much time some of our employees spend on the road, Uber provides significant time savings and much less frustration.”

Mattie Yallaly, Travel and Expense Manager, Perficient

Frequently asked questions

  • After you invite your employees to join your company’s account, they’ll receive an email in their inbox that will take them through the steps to make a business profile.

  • Employees can also create a business profile in the Wallet section of the Uber app or the Business Preferences section of the Uber Eats app to experience the benefits of separating work and personal transactions.

  • Currently, our platform is integrated with Certify, Chrome River, Expensify, Expensya, Fraedom, Happay, Rydoo, SAP Concur, Serko, Zeno, and Zoho Expense.

  • The Uber app is available in more than 70 countries on 6 continents. For a full list, go here. To see if Uber Eats is available where you live or travel, click here.

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.

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