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Reimagined spaces

Parking isn’t just a drain on drivers; it’s a drain on cities’ limited public spaces. What if we could radically improve both?

Picture this: more people in fewer cars, and a more pleasant, more affordable alternative to a huge problem every city faces. The world’s dependence on personal cars has resulted in cities that are centered around the automobile. This means wider lanes and vast urban areas dedicated exclusively to parking. We believe we can do better, requiring less space for parking and opening up more space for city residents to walk, play, and relax.


More cars. Fewer spaces. Bigger headaches.

It’s simple math. More cars mean more parking spaces—and that can mean less space for housing, parks, and businesses. We can do better, together. By sharing the road and getting more people in fewer cars, we can reduce congestion and open up more shared spaces in some of the world’s biggest cities.


Uber is helping cities reimagine public spaces

As on-demand services facilitated by companies like Uber grow, there will be fewer cars on the road, reducing the need for parking. That means there will be more space for parks and other uses, so everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Take a look at where we’ve been

Park(ing) Day encourages urban dwellers to temporarily transform parking spaces for a public purpose—into parks, games, theaters, and more. Park(ing) Day happens in hundreds of cities all over the world. Uber is proud to help reimagine our cities by transforming parking spaces everywhere.

Cars take up a lot of space

Did you know that the average car spends 95% of its life parked? And in many cities, a third of all land is now dedicated to parking. Imagine if a city could reclaim that land. Think about all the new schools, parks, homes, and businesses that could take the place of those parking spaces. To help free up some of that parking space in cities, we’re partnering with organizations around the world to provide more affordable options and incentives for people to use their cars less.

Reinventing Parking, February 22, 2013

Uber gives away £100 a month to reduce car use in the UK

In a UK first, we’re partnering with Moda Living (a residential developer) to help reduce car ownership across the UK’s largest cities. The deal is simple: if residents don’t use their parking space for the month, Moda will give them £100 credit for Uber rides.

Making car-free living easy

A first-of-its-kind partnership will encourage new residents in San Francisco’s Parkmerced community to leave their cars behind by providing them with a $100 monthly stipend toward multimodal transportation, including Uber and public transit. To make car-free living even easier, we are also capping uberPOOL fares to and from nearby public transit stations at $5.