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Expand your transit services with Uber

Uber Transit partners with public transit agencies to help communities thrive through innovative technology and complementary transit service options.

Let’s make public transportation the most inclusive way to ride

Whether you serve the general public, seniors, or people with special needs, we empower you with the technology and mobility solutions you need to help your community thrive.

  • Strengthen existing services

    Complement your existing transit services by connecting riders to Uber as a new mode of transportation. Create first- and last-mile programs, provide late-night rides, mitigate disruptions, and more.

  • Help solve paratransit challenges

    Whether it’s same-day rescue trips or scheduled overflow services, you can help lower costs, optimize capacity, consolidate reporting, and improve resiliency by simply brokering trips to Uber.

  • Include Uber solutions in your app

    Uber’s API lets riders and dispatchers book rides from their smartphone, web, or desktop apps. Our integrations make it easy for agencies and third-party mobility providers to scale operations.

  • Customize your program

    Create and manage budget-friendly, need-specific programs. Our products let you distribute ride subsidies, reach riders without smartphones, schedule rides centrally, and more.


Join 80+ agencies achieving their goals with Uber

“Uber comes in at 30% less than the cost for same-day trips using conventional paratransit services. Response time is typically less than 15 minutes for those same-day trips.”

Paul Hamilton, Senior Manager, Paratransit Services, Regional Transportation District

Transit Horizons 2.0: The Mobility Evolution

Why are we calling it the mobility evolution? Download this industry perspectives paper to find out.

Next stop: the latest news and updates

Read about communities on the move, and see what’s new in the world of Uber Transit.

Solutions that put your community first

Be the go-to choice for your riders by offering more options to meet the needs of your diverse community.