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Helping to build a future with more shared and active mobility and cleaner, happier cities.

Our goal is to make every journey a shared one. When we help more people move with fewer, fuller, and more efficient cars, we may help save fuel, improve air quality, and increase a transportation system’s efficiency with each trip. Just what our cities need.

Shared trips can be more sustainable trips

Pooling makes a difference

More people in fewer, more efficient cars can mean less environmental impact per person. And lower prices offer better access to affordable transit for people in rural and underserved areas, where existing infrastructure doesn’t reach.

Saving resources worldwide

In 2017 alone, drivers served 35 million riders in UberPool and Express Pool trips. If these riders had instead driven by themselves, cities might have seen an additional 314 million vehicle miles and 82,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Cleaner air in London

The air quality in the world’s largest cities is a growing problem that affects us all. That’s why we announced a Clean Air Plan in the UK with a series of measures for drivers, riders, and cities.